New Online Flipbook Software to Achieve an Excellent Experience with More Mobile Functions

Flip PDF New Version with More Mobile Functions


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/25/2015 --FlipBuilder announced the launch of the newest version of their online flipbook software Flip PDF Version 4.3.11 in the near future. The software enhances the ability to amass an advanced online catalog. Additionally it can engage users better with more streamlined mobile functions.

The flipbook software is built to allow users to be able to create interactive catalogs. Its powerful properties allow users to create catalogs rich in embedded media content. These can function as consumer displays that will entice readers to buy products from the e-commerce store.

Additionally the new flipbook software has made a number of changes to satisfy mobile users. It is found that a growing percentage of persons who view webpages do so through their smartphones, iPads or tablets. These devices are currently compatible with the interactive catalog maker and users are capable of having a fantastic viewing experience.

The new version of the interactive catalog creator fixed three bugs that had to do with mobile functioning. This included ensuring text displayed correctly on mobile and making the video function work correctly. Lastly the bug where the zoom button did not work when there was no thumbnail was fixed.

Users are able to zoom in and out from the flipbook software on their mobile. The "Add This" function was added to the share feature and the overall share function was improved. They can also share the interactive catalog maker on Google Plus much quicker using the share feature. Viewers are now also afforded the chance of seeing inserted images full screen on their mobiles.

The new flipbook software allows publishers to choose their background pictures and secure an engaging viewing experience using exciting templates. The flipbook can also have inserted hyperlinks, bookmarks to favorite websites and animated text. Animated text is a fun and effective way to highlight important content in the interactive catalog maker.

For more about FlipBuilder, visit http://www.flipbuilder.com/.