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New Online NLP Training and Coaching Programmes Launched

Business NLP Ltd has launched four new online NLP and coaching courses. These have been designed to increase participants communication and influence skills.


Milton Keynes, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2020 --1:1 NLP Training and Stakeholder Coaching

NLP programmes are normally designed to help participants in three ways. 1) Participants are able to work on what's important to them 2) They improve their communication and influence skills and 3) They develop logical and emotional flexibility and resilience.

Business NLP Ltd's programmes has been designed to build on these attributes 1) They offer a free discovery phase, so that delegates can clarify what they want to achieve during the programme, and at the same time check that the programme is right for them. 2) Certified programmes are over six months. This is long enough to enable participants to test and build on the programmes approaches in their own environment and with the people they work with 3) Successful participants of certified programmes receive an SNLP certified practitioner certificate.

Programme requirements. Participants need at least a touch of 1) ambition 2) courage 3) discipline and 4) openness. While the programmes are designed to be fun, participants need to be able to commit to do the required mental and emotional work.

Programmes offered 1) Online group programmes 2) Richard Bandler streaming audio and video programmes 3) 1:1 NLP and Stakeholder coaching and 4) 1:1 certified NLP training.

About Business NLP Ltd Director
Programmes are run by Business NLP Ltd Director, Michael Beale. Michael has had 30 years business experience in buying, business development and business strategy. He has been leading the company for 15 years. He is a Richard Bandler certified NLP trainer and NLP coach trainer and a Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder coach.

Further details are available on: NLP Training online.