New Online Path Editor Launches Funding Campaign


Rome, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2015 --Ergo 2000 has announced the development of a new digital editor that allows users to keep track of the sites explored by generating a set of logically related sites, thus representing a navigation path through the proprietary algorithm of the project.

Named, "PathWays", this new digital editor is not too dissimilar from Google Docs. However, according to Elena Leonetti, the product's marketing director, PathWays is a database of internet searches that is designed to improve people's lives and productivity today and in the future.

"If the PathWays project succeeds, then impact will be incredible for the technological world," said Leonetti, who further announced that on November 16th, they'll be officially launching their Indiegogo campaign to support the project. View the Pathways Indiegogo Campaign here.

Noting they had no intention of creating a direct competitor to search engines, Leonetti said the aim is to develop a product that uses their services.

"In the future, each time you search for something on the net, you will instinctively come to use PathWays to see if someone has previously found something better," said the PathWays project's spokesperson.

At the end of the campaign, according to Leonetti, they'll be accounting for every penny raised, which will be fully invested to improving the algorithm and creating a beta version of the project.

"If we don't reach our funding goal, we will nonetheless create a simple MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that we can showcase to a business incubator or to possible investors," said Leonetti.

In the meantime, they'll leave the campaign open by using the in-demand Indiegogo option. Asked to further describe the project and its eventual utility, Leonetti explained: "How many times each day do you search the internet? Imagine if one day, with just a few simple clicks, you could see what other people who did the same search as you had found - even seeing the path that led them to that result. Imagine if you could also improve this path by modifying or updating it, constantly adding more suitable and up-to-date sites."

However, the PathWays project, which is being created via a collaborative process, is targeted to persons who uses digital technology - from students to professionals, from companies to universities. "We want to inform our users that with "Pathways", they will always have at their fingertips more quality information from the web, because it will be the people (friends, parents or colleagues) that improve the results, not only computers," noted Leonetti.

In the overall scheme of things, when the Pathways digital editor comes on stream, according to Leonetti, the end user can expect to following benefits and features:

- Not waste time with useless sites

- Improve the quality of personal research for the benefit of their social network, or across the Internet population.

- Improve the productivity of his business to understand if the communication about his products is going in the right direction and in which contexts.

According to the product's spokesperson, they aren't offering users "the moon, but we can offer you something." As the source points out further about "everyone who decides to support us (500$ donation) will be able to use our services for their work free of charge for one year and get a 20% discount for the following year. In the meantime, with only 50$ anyone can become a beta tester."

About The Pathways Creators
We have been working successfully in technological innovation since 1997. Among us, there are programmers, marketing experts, philosophers, and fanatical, carefree and zealous workers, all singularly focused towards creating PathWays. The founder is a serial Inventor with many work successes, from Software for Safer internet navigation for young people that have won European funding, to the study of energy products that have won awards around the world like Liteon Awards Asia.

View the Pathways Indiegogo Campaign to find out how to increase your productivity today!