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New Options in Herpes Treatments

Viradux Research now has two options in the war against HSV1 and HSV2.


Sydney, NSW -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/15/2013 --Viradux Research, LTD announced today that it has released to market Viradux-ColdSore (TM) as the only effective anti-herpetic HSV1 treatment currently available based on type-III epidermal transportation compounds. Viraudx-ColdSore lip balm has been shown to speed healing of existing herpetic lesions and prevent the reoccurrence of future outbreaks associated with moderate-to-severe Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) infection.

The decision was based on a 2012 study involving a double-blind, placebo-controlled dose escalation clinical trial enrolling approximately 150. Volunteers were selected with moderate-to-severe HSV-1 infections who were otherwise healthy. The study was designed to evaluate the safety and tolerability of Viradux-AU active components (type-III) and their ability to stimulate the immune system, as well as determine the impact of the compound upon viral shedding, which is considered to be a marker of disease recurrence and transmission.

Viradux also provides a solution to HSV2 (genital) infections in the form of an anti-herpetic crème called Viradux-AU. This has also been shown to reduce symptoms, speed healing and prevent future outbreaks in people with moderate to severe HSV2 infections.

"This work provided proof-of-concept that our specific delivery vehicles are successful in topical, localized therapeutics in the fight against herpes” postdoctoral researcher Alysia Kenburogh said in an October interview in Nature. Kenborogh, the lead author of the paper, went on to describe the viral mortality rates as "unexpectedly high and outside our original estimates". Upon learning that this research had led to the decision to market the product Kenburogh admitted that she felt "proud to know something that was originally pure research with no financial goals had resulted in a new product. Mostly, I am pleased that the HSV positive population will have access to a new and more effective treatment option for this unpleasant infection."

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