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New Orleans Maritime Law Firm Introduces Site Redesign to Better Serve Accident Victims


New Orleans, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/01/2016 --The Lambert Firm has always prided itself on its focus on dedicated service to clients. The firm is now pleased to introduce its intuitive new website and to add it to the list of ways The Lambert Firm attorneys go above and beyond for their clients, especially maritime injury victims.

The Lambert Firm Encourages Clients to Be Informed

"The law surrounding maritime injury and accident cases is complex, and that's why we're here — to protect our clients," says Hugh Lambert, founder of The Lambert Firm. "We wanted to go one step further by providing an intuitive and informative site for all our current and future clients. We want to help victims get the essential information they need to pursue their claims."

At a time when people of all ages turn to the internet for answers, it is important to provide a trustworthy resource for personal injury, maritime injury, and accident law. The website redesign includes easy navigation and smartphone compatibility, ensuring all can access the information they need quickly and accurately.

A Go-To Source for New Orleans Maritime Injury Victims

The Lambert Firm's redesigned website now offers even more resources for maritime injury victims, with new and informative posts on topics such as:

- Maritime laws
- Common offshore & maritime injuries
- Types of maritime accidents
- Maritime workers' rights
- Maritime workers' FAQ

Maritime injuries are serious and workers need to know their rights. The Lambert Firm's website redesign focusses on providing workers with the answers they want and need after an injury.

No Claim Left Behind

Maritime injury pages were not the only sections of the site that were updated, rewritten or added. The Lambert Firm represents a variety of personal injury, accident, mass tort or whistleblower claims. On the new website, all visitors and clients can now access a wealth of information on key topics, as well as on exciting new cases and developments in the law.

About The Lambert Firm
Founded in 1977, The Lambert Firm has decades of experience in personal injury law. Attorneys take pride in fighting aggressively for their clients, their rights, and the compensation they deserve. All attorneys operate on a "no recovery, no fee" basis and are devoted to their clients throughout the entire process.

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