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New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys Tickets Top Sellers


Slidell, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/31/2012 --The Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints will hook up in the final weeks of the NFL season in a contest that could determine who travels and who stays home in the playoffs. NFL fans are already gearing up for this one with Saints at Cowboys tickets among the best sellers of the season so far, and with very good reasons.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had declared that their window of opportunity under Tony Romo may be closing. In other words they’ve got to win now. To do that the Dallas Cowboys have boosted their secondary with Morris Claiborne and other new faces. But what Jones is looking for is the chance to vindicate their team by winning while Romo is still under center. Despite his tribulations in big games, Romo is a proven commodity, he just hasn’t gotten over the hump.

Meanwhile the New Orleans Saints also have something to prove. Drew Brees has won the Super Bowl but that’s not enough for the New Orleans Saints. They want the word “dynasty” attached to their team. Reaching a Super Bowl in their hometown is the goal here and there’s also a little payback in their eyes for all the bad press they’ve gotten. Sticking it in the NFL’s face would be just fine with the Saints.

All this leads to an anticipated matchup of a pair of winnings teams with designs on an NFC Championship. Both the Cowboys and Saints see their future as right now. Obviously NFL fans agree as they’re lighting up the box office and scoring Saints at Cowboys tickets in big numbers. While there are still tickets to this game available in the secondary market, the “window of opportunity” to see the Saints and Cowboys is closing fast.

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