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New Partnership Brings Image One & Clerk Official Record (COR) Software Together for Statewide Launch

Streamlined system for recording and managing Official Records lets county recording clerks do more with less


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/14/2020 --Image One and the developers of a highly-customizable system for streamlining clerk records management have partnered to make the software available to clerks throughout the state of Florida and beyond.

The Clerk Official Records (COR) system, developed and fine-tuned over 13 years in collaboration with deputy clerks in Collier County, shrinks the amount of time it takes to record large volumes of documents and allows small businesses and other users free access to a robust e-recording platform.

COR will be available starting October 1, 2020 but is now available for demos.

Collier County's Use of COR

"It saves a lot of time," said Terri Hart, Director of Recording and Records Management in Collier County, whose team is now able to process 40% more documents.

"COR is so much more efficient," said Hart. "Most documents are usually recorded the same day when submitted online whereas through the mail, turnaround time could take a week or two."

Streamlined Clerk Official Records Management

COR streamlines official record creation – just scan and key. COR also features fast, disaster-ready search and retrieval. COR's stability allows it to handle millions of documents – safely, and securely, ensuring that you will never lose a document.

Developed on .Net and having an interface like Microsoft Outlook, COR is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to learn – users are up and running within a few weeks as compared to the six to nine months it can take to learn other software. COR uses a wizard mentality, prompting users with questions as they record information, reducing mistakes and accidents. As a result, recording is faster and more accurate.

Easily Configurable Modules for Rapid Amendment of Deadlines, Fees & Regulations

COR includes an array of versatile modules that include a business portal for users to manage payment of fees, administrative portals with precise and granular permission settings to manage different levels of access, and an easy-to-use training module that allows new users to gain proficiency within days.

The system's workflow capabilities are also easily configurable for process and technology upgrades and for rapid adoption of changes in regulations, statutes, deadlines or fees – without any disruption in the workflow.

The recent addition of a fraud alert capability that allows residents to sign up for free alerts if any documents are filed or amended using their names drew more than 300 takers in Collier County in the first two weeks following roll-out.

COR's cloud-based back-up option provides security against natural disasters and cyber threats. From hurricane season to ransomware attacks, you'll be secure knowing that records are protected and accessible.

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