New Platform Takes Aim at Delivering Fantasy Sports for Women's Professional Leagues to Growing Fan Base


Orlando, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/19/2019 --Capitalizing on the growing fan base of women's professional sports, a new platform known as "She Plays" aims to take the spirit of team sports to the next level by creating the ultimate fantasy sports site dedicated entirely to women's professional sports.

The recent success of this venture shows just how much this niche needed an authoritative fantasy sports initiative: With 37 days to go, the Kickstarter campaign launched and intended to fund the sports project already has 24 backers and an ambitious goal of $15,000. The format of this live games franchise will be familiar to those who have either played fantasy sports under men's league teams or to those who have watched their friends and families become utterly engrossed as the seasons progress.

As an interactive and live experience, She Plays hopes to parlay the popularity of women's professional teams across sports like soccer, hockey, tennis and more. The digital innovation of live fantasy games also promises to connect fans of women's leagues from across the country in a competitive but fun gaming setting. Eventually, the creators and brains behind She Plays intend to become associated with the 2019 World Cup for soccer, the NWHL, which is a women's hockey league, WTA for tennis, NPF for softball, NWSL for soccer, WNBA and NWAAC tournaments for basketball. The first launches for the live fantasy challenges and games will release in the USA and Canada, with a bid to expand to international leagues a year or two out.

The website will focus on bringing players and backers free bracket challenges, for-pay season-long leagues, and for-pay daily fantasy games. This goal is well within reach, as the campaign plans to test its prototype at the end of May when the Kickstarter campaign concludes. Once the website and the accompanying app launch, there will be a free entry bracket challenge for the 2019 World Cup in June. The winning brackets will receive cash prizes. Once the NWHL and hockey season begins in October, She Plays plans to begin adding season-long fantasy leagues and daily fantasy sports games.

Backers can pledge at several levels for She Plays-centric merchandise such as chapsticks, chip clips, guitar picks, phone credit card holders, t-shirts, mugs, sweatshirts, jigsaw puzzles and more. And, for the foodie who loves to talk sports over snacks, a pledge of USD 500 or more will earn a home-cooked meal by one of the founders.

Being able to connect fans with the designers and creatives behind this platform emulate the spirit and goal of She Plays: To bring the best, most committed, and die-hard fans together in a friendly, familiar forum. Let the games begin!