New POLAR SEAL Heated T-Shirts Are More Affordable Than Ever Before


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/22/2018 --Combining advanced technology with a desire to make heated clothing available to a wider audience, POLAR SEAL has created revolutionary Heated T-Shirts that will change the way people experience the cold. Thanks to the POLAR SEAL heated t-shirts, feeling cold is now a thing of the past for people living in cold climates or working in cold environments. The new POLAR SEAL Heated T-Shirts are not only remarkably versatile and easy to use, they are also machine washable and more affordable than ever before.

Utilizing technology similar to that found in fighter jet pilot jackets, the POLAR SEAL Heated T-Shirts' heating pad is seamlessly embedded into the garment. The heating pad, which is located within the upper back of the shirt for maximum comfort, is powered by standard and widely available 5V 2A USB power banks. Depending on the power bank, the wearer can experience between 4 to 14 hours of warmth on a single charge.

This makes the POLAR SEAL Heated T-Shirts ideal for skiing, snowboarding, hunting, camping, and for anyone who loves to be outside in the winter. The shirts are suitable for everyday use, so they are also perfect for professionals whose work environment isn't always warm, including medical professionals, construction workers, and electricians. They can be worn alone or layered under bigger outer garments.

There are three heat level settings on the shirt, making it easy to achieve just the right temperature at the push of a button. The heating levels range from 104°F to 122°F (40°C to 50°C). The temperature control button is both shockproof and water resistant, and is responsive enough for use even when wearing thick gloves.

Designed to be stylish and practical, the POLAR SEAL Heated T-Shirts were made to be used in both wet and dry environments. Wearers can safely experience the warmth and comfort of the POLAR SEAL Heated T-Shirts while out in the snow. The Heated T-Shirt is the 3rd generation POLAR SEAL heated garment. POLAR SEAL products have been tested under the most extreme conditions by arctic explorers, Olympic skiers, transatlantic sailors, amongst other sportsmen and women. POLAR SEAL already has over 10,000 happy customers across the globe.

POLAR SEAL Heated T-Shirts are a universal solution to one of the most common dilemmas – trying to stay warm when the temperatures drop – which is exactly what the creators intended. "We wanted to make our Heated T-Shirts available at the most affordable price point possible so more people can enjoy the benefits – and to make feeling cold a thing of the past." says CEO Francois.

POLAR SEAL is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which starts on October 24th, 2018. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to banish cold from their lives; POLAR SEAL is offering discounts to anyone who wants to support the campaign. Early Bird backers can order a POLAR SEAL Heated T-Shirt for only US$69. Choose from short and long sleeved T-Shirts in a variety of colors including camo. The collection is scheduled for delivery in January 2019.

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