New PowerPoint Software Alternative Available for Download

Focusky Presentation Maker is not just a PowerPoint alternative; it is a completely different canvas to make elegant and easy-to-follow presentations with. Now creating electronic presentations are easy with Focusky since this unique software was made with the user in mind.


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/28/2014 --Making stunning and informative presentations can be difficult without buying expensive software. Especially during a long presentation, it can be helpful to be able to make presentations captivating so audiences do not become distracted or bored. Now a software company hosted in China has created and released free PowerPoint alternative software that is a great alternative to those who do not want to purchase PowerPoint called Focusky Presentation Maker.

This free PowerPoint alternative is great for those that do not want to purchase the normal expensive software while receiving great features with the software they do have. Users can add animation, video, text, photos, shapes, and Flash to their presentation easily.

This software features a variety of effects to keep the audience engaged including a zoom and pan effect that allows users to focus from one object to another along with a rotating pan effect. Another great feature is the path of discovery feature that helps the audience follow a user’s thought process. The third major feature is a free scaling digital whiteboard that allows users to insert a variety of objects to express ideas outside of a finite area.

Focusky Presentation Maker allows users to present both offline and online by publishing the presentation to an HTML or EXE format if desired. This software is simple yet effective by keeping thought processes clear and precise for those creating presentations. The software also is easy to edit and does not have complicated and confusing tools that are hard to understand.

A free trial is available on the software’s website and is available for purchase for only $99.00. Focusky Presentation Maker can be used with Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP and users are given a 30-day satisfaction guarantee with no reasoning required.

Now useful, elegant, and informative presentations are easy to create without a high cost with Focusky Presentation Maker. During the free trial, users will see how much more beautiful presentations can be with Focusky Presentation Maker instead of PowerPoint.

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