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New Product Available in Retail Stores Nationwide - Disposable Electronic Cigarettes from Starfire Cigs

Starfire Cigs is releasing their newest product to the world on August, 29th: the Starfire Disposable E-Cig. Already a leader in rechargeable e-cigs, Starfire is now jumping into the world of disposables.


Destin, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/29/2013 --Starfire Cigs, Inc. is announcing the release of their first disposable e-cigarette product. Equal to a total of 2 packs of traditional cigarettes, the new Premium Starfire Disposable Cigarette is designed to last. With lithium ion batteries that claim a long operation life, smooth American made vegetable glycerin, and two attractive options, Starfire is positioning itself to become the premier manufacturer and distributor of disposable electronic cigarettes.

The disposable electronic cigarettes will be available at many major retailers, but individuals will also be able to purchase the disposables on the Starfire Cigs website starting Thursday, August 29th. The disposable cigarettes will offer five flavors on launch: Premium Tobacco, Turkish Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Juicy Peach, and Watermelon Splash.

Offered in both “classic white” and “trendy black”, smokers will be able to choose a flavor and an aesthetic that fits their style. The Starfire Cigs Premium Electronic Disposable Cigarette will offer individuals a 24 mg nicotine level (considered strong). Each e-cigarette should last around 400 puffs depending on smoker, roughly equivalent to two packs.

Each disposable electronic cigarette will be made with the same high quality, smooth tasting vegetable glycerin. Instead of using propylene glycol like most rechargeable and disposable e-cigs, Starfire Cigs uses premium, American made vegetable glycerin to create rich, thick, flavorful vapor. This difference makes Starfire Cigs Premium Electronic Disposable Cigarette the new favorite of the savvy smoker. Starfire Cigs' Premium Electronic Disposable Cigarette is available for purchase both on site and in retail stores.

For more information or to purchase, visit the Starfire Cigs website:

About Starfire Cigs
Starfire Cigs crafts and sells high-end electronic cigarettes and disposable e-cigarettes as well as a variety of e-cig flavor cartridges and accessories. In its short history, Starfire Cigs has positioned itself as one of the top e-cigarette brands on the market. Instead of the common propylene glycol used in most e-cigs, Starfire products are made with high quality, American-made vegetable glycerin. The company’s products, both rechargeable and disposable, produce a thick vapor in a variety of flavor options and various nicotine level choices. Starfire Cigs is the common choice among savvy smokers.

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