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New Product: Dual-Camera Face Recognition Outdoor Station Debut, a Classic with High Cost Performance


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2020 --It is an essential breakthrough to change from single camera to dual camera, with a more refined accuracy of face recognition

The Dual-Camera Outdoor Station has two built-in 2 mega pixel HD cameras. The color + black-and-white dual-camera solution effectively improves the accuracy of recognition and improves the recognition efficiency.

Using a higher-level professional chip, the data processing speed is fast, without lagging and delay. Built-in NPU neural network processor, 20,000 local face database, realizing fast and accurate face recognition in 0.3 seconds, with an accuracy rate higher than 99%.

The 600×1024 high-resolution screen display brings more delicate details and expressiveness, bringing high-definition visual experience for users in video calls.

02 How efficient is the ten-in-one unlocking method?

Taking into account the actual application of users and respecting different user habits, this Outdoor Station provides 10 unlocking methods to prepare for emergencies. Including face recognition, QR code, random password, mobile APP, card swiping, user password, public password, hijack password, in-door and emergency unlocking.

For example, when the mobile phone suddenly fails to connect to the Internet, face recognition makes unlocking without obstacles; and some hijack passwords known only by intimate person can send an alarm for help signal to the system when they are having danger to enter the password, forming a guarantee for personal safety .

Moreover, it supports silent live body verification and detection, which effectively prevents hacker attacks such as 3D printing, electronic screens, videos, pictures, masks or hoods, and makes facial recognition more accurate and safer.

03 Unlock more functions together!

Powerful Detection Function

The H series 7-inch Dual-Camera Face Recognition Outdoor Station can effectively detect and track human faces, and can accurately detect multiple faces, side faces, half-hidden, blurred and other scenarios.

The product is equipped with an excellent infrared optical system, which has strong adaptability to the environment. It can automatically adjust the picture image according to the environmental brightness, without fear of backlight, dark light, night and other environments.

Powerful local-Intercom function makes access management safer and more efficient

The Dual-Camera Outdoor Station can be used as an access barrier to help the community realize unattended operation. Supports local calls to the resident's indoor unit and management center. When the user does not have access control authority, or other abnormal situations occur, remote assistance can be provided through making a call to management center or indoor unit.

Of course, the smart Lift-Reservation makes the service more humane and thoughtful

Support elevator call(reservation), the Lift-Reservation floor is the same as the resident's floor associated with the face. The sensitivity of the product can be adjusted according to user needs, so that the human face can be detected and recognized immediately when the human body approaches. After verification, the Outdoor Station can call the elevator and deliver the resident to exact floor with one key. The people-oriented service makes users more comfortable.

04 Flexible for a variety of places

The 7-inch Dual-Camera face recognition Outdoor Station supports universal interfaces including the Internet and Wiegand protocol, and supports the integration of various attendance systems. It can be widely used in residential houses, office buildings, government agencies, scenic spots and exhibition halls. Realize intelligent safety management and control.

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