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New Products from Triple Seven eCigs Target Female Consumers

Triple Seven Increases Its Appeal to the Electronic Cigarette Market


Burbank, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/30/2014 --Triple Seven eCigs is rapidly expanding its product lines, offering more and more choices for its consumers. For people who feel limited by their options with traditional tobacco cigarettes this could prove to be the tipping point for many of them.

Triple Seven has long been a leader in offering a wide variety of electronic cigarette products for its customers. From its dozens of flavors to a long line of stylish accessories, no other company comes close to matching its varied output. And the company’s entire product line is remarkable for its quality and value.

And the new patented Swarovski crystal battery design continues the company’s efforts to appeal to as wide a range of customers as possible. This line of three different colors- white, champagne and black diamond- are all studded with crystals. Their simple, but luxurious design is both eye-catching and feminine, offering a tone and style that no other electronic cigarette company is matching.

The batteries can be used with pre-filled flavor cartridges that are disposable or refillable tanks. But the batteries themselves are designed to be long-lasting and durable. They only take a couple of hours to charge and will then offer up to 300 puffs (or less, depending on how long each puff is held for). The batteries are designed to conserve power by cutting off automatically after 10 seconds of non-use.

The batteries retail for $49.95 through the Triple Seven website, these batteries are only available at They come with an option for manual or automatic designs and in several different colors.

These batteries are the perfect accessory for parties, social events, dates and other outings. Their trendy design gives them an elegant look and allows consumers to feel confident to be able to use them wherever they might be. Thanks to the beautiful crystal designs and comfortable feel, the Swarovski crystal batteries give women an electronic cigarette option that they can finally use anywhere.

About Triple Seven E-Cigs
Triple Seven E-Cigs is Located in Burbank, California and is a premium manufacture of electronic cigarettes and e liquid sold wold wide. Triple Seven produces dozens of uniquely designed products to satisfy every need of the electronic cigarette user.