New Rich World

New Rich World Is a Goals Planner and Mentoring Platform Changing the Way People Reach Their Dreams


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/15/2016 --New Rich World, the revolutionary new goals planner and mentoring platform changing the way users set, visualize, and reach their goals, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

New Rich World's goal is help people live life with goals and greater purposes and be able to put networking, mentoring and social media into greater use. It helps people to organize, focus, clarify and use social media and networking to build the social relationship capital; bringing the key factors into one place in order to accomplish one's life goals, dreams and give people sense of accomplishment, contribution and belonging and more.

"Five years ago, my greatest mentor helped me to be more aware of who I am, who I want to become and who I want to be surrounded with. He taught me to shift from focusing on ME to WE," says founder and CEO Christy Nguyen on the inspiration behind he project, "I was grateful for what I had and became more appreciated of what God has given to me: my life, my health, my mind and my youth. As the Bible says, "By your faith, it shall be done unto you." I experienced the radical changes as a result of those appreciations. I began to ask the big question WHY. Why was I born? What is my mission in life? What should I do while I can?"

With New Rich World, users will have an organized platform with goals' checklists, vision boards with project managements; and stay connected with their network, mentors and friends at all time.  Dreams and goals all visualized with reach.

New Rich World allows users to create a profile, group, or project. From there, they can set goals, dreams, and milestones, planning every aspect from budget, to conception and finally completion all on a Vision Board which can be kept private or shared with the user's network and friends. Users are able add notes, images, files, and documents to stay organized at all times.

"When we started to put together the framework, it is awesome and excited to see something that could help turn people's dreams come true. We know we are on to something that could brighten the world and change millions of people's lives," adds Nguyen, "It's our mission is to make the world more supportive and connected. We want people use New Rich World to create and pursue their dreams, life goals, share their passions, talents, expertise, and carry on their missions, and visions to help others. That is what living life with purpose about. That is a New Rich World."

New Rich World is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

About New Rich World
NEW RICH WORLD, LLC founded in 2016, is a women-minority owned company based in San Francisco, CA. With a collective 10+ years of experience in creative investment, healthcare, sales and marketing, Founder, Christy Nguyen is on a mission to support those who thrive to share and bring forward their visions, passions and purposes by collaborating and supporting others; and people who work hard not just for the material rewards but also for their personal fulfillment and happiness.

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