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New Self-Help Book Launched on Amazon Credited for Giving People Inspiration

The self-help book titled Bear with Hope: Hanging on to Hope in Tough Times is a book that has gained worldwide exposure for providing inspiration and helping people to find hope.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/09/2017 --A new self-help book that has gained worldwide exposure is now being sold on Amazon. Bear with Hope, written by Tammy Hendricks has been credited in helping people to overcome challenges in their life by being inspired to find purpose and meaning.

The book available as a hardcover ( has become an important tool for those who find themselves with challenges that result in not living their life to their full potential. With the inspiration it provides and the tools it teaches, the book has gained a reputation for helping people through even the most difficult times in their life such as loss, divorce, and uncertainty.

The author, Tammy Hendricks, understands the challenges, both emotional and physical, that circumstances can create, and that is why she wrote a book that is easy to understand, and encourages people to learn how to transform their thoughts and overcome negative emotions.

Tammy Hendricks said: "I wanted to write a book that would help people who felt discouraged and alone to know there is hope, and they are not alone. I hope to help people discover simple and effective ways to hold on to hope and experience joy even in difficult times. To help people find their own strength."

Bear with Hope (, which has been recommended by lifestyle coaches from around the world has gained five-star reviews on Amazon.

"You will discover how something as simple as the soil, a scent, a sound or a touch, can transform your thoughts and present a meaningful, harmonious effect in your soul. You'll gain insight on how to gently, yet positively, restore and re-center your mind away from the negative thoughts that often accompany grief," explained Tammy Hendricks.

It was recently reported that millions of people around the world are suffering from stress due to work problems, debts, divorce, and feeling alone. In 2015 CBS News reported how serious stress was in the USA and how millions of people were not getting the emotional support they needed. Tammy Hendricks aims to change that by providing inspiration and helping people to find hope and purpose even in challenging times.

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About Tammy Hendricks
Tammy graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in psychology and a Master of Human Relations in counseling. This led her to a career working with individuals affected by anxiety, depression, homelessness and bi-polar disorders. After the death of her mother, Tammy discovered a creative and therapeutic outlet by making memory teddy bears out of sentimental items of clothing.

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