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New Service Helps Graduates Gain Their Ideal Job After University

The service offers a free matching service to help graduates find the right career path and employer.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2016 --A new service has been launched to help Graduates find their ideal job and avoid being unemployed for long periods of time or working for the minimum wage. Happywork, put together by a team from UCL wanted to turn the tables on high unemployment for graduates and help those with a degree choose the right career path and employer.

On average it takes six months for a graduate to find their first job. However, some graduates find themselves unemployed for a number of years. One of the main reasons why graduates struggle to find a job is due to applying to an employer or job that is not a right match for them.

Each employer has a different set of requirements when it comes to taking on new team members, and not fitting that requirement or not knowing what those requirements are will result in failure.

Happywork offers a professional service where they help graduates find out what job they should be doing and what employer they should consider working for. This matching service has already helped graduates into employment with a bright career future ahead of them.

A spokesman for Happywork said: "Leaving university should be exciting, but it can be very challenging. A lot of people who leave university struggle to find work, simply because they are applying for the wrong jobs or to the wrong employer. Our service, which has already gained huge exposure for its success, provides real results."

One in four graduates leave their first job within 12 months of starting according to CEB, and the main reason for this is due to the students being matched up to the wrong job or employer. A lot of job agencies like to send their clients to any position that is going. Due to working on commission, a lot of job agencies don't consider the future of their client or if they will be happy within that role. That is why more people are moving away from job agencies and looking for other methods to gain the right job. Happywork provides that method, and as a leading job matchmaking service, they have become one of the most recommended companies by graduates.

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About Happywork
Happy work provides a job matchmaking service to help graduates gain employment after leaving education