New Social Media Network Excaliber Launches with Unparalleled Privacy & Security

New Platform is a Welcomed Alternative to The Censorship, Security and Privacy Problems of Big Tech.


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2019 --In an age when searching for a summer chicken recipe leads to an explosion of cooking and food advertisements minutes later, Excaliber is the social network with a surprise. That's because Excaliber is a private social media platform with zero advertising, no ad tracking along with total privacy, security and freedom of speech.

Unlike the tech giants that make their money on targeted advertising, ad tracking and other infringements on personal privacy, Excaiber's business model is very straightforward and transparent; paid membership. Excaliber plans to deliver all of its services under a traditional subscriber model. As a result, Excaliber is not beholden to any advertisers and Excaliber members are not trading their private information for all of the most popular online services and features people use and enjoy every day.

These features include:

A series of public discussion feeds inviting diversity of thought and opinion free of censorship.

Public and private real-time chat with groups of people or private one-on-one instant messaging.

Social media profiles that members can browse to connect to other members and make new friends.

Photo and video sharing with flexible private and public sharing, members-based ratings and more.

Private email account

Personal web space for website or blog hosting

...And much more.

All of these services are delivered with 100% privacy and 0% advertising.

For a limited time all of Excaliber's services will be available FOR FREE for the purposes of open public testing of the platform while improvements, tweaks and adjustments are made. In addition, members signing up during this period will be recognized with the special status of being a charter member.

Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of this free trial period and breathe the fresh air of freedom.

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