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New Software Platform Umbra Offers Peace of Mind and Privacy in One Application with a Decentralised Market in the Works

Shadow project prepares for launch of decentralised market with release of new decentralised platform Umbra. The all in one market place is called Umbra and provides people with an anonymous payment mechanism.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/27/2016 --Since the introduction of the bitcoin, currency and the way people use it around the globe and online has changed. Now a new exciting currency that the world is keeping a close eye on due to its popularity is ShadowCash (SDC).

ShadowCash (SDC) allows people to transfer money anonymously, providing an all-in-one software platform for a completely private, decentralized, and free economy as a spokesman for the company described it.

A spokesman for the Shadow Project said: "Umbra will become a leader in its field, providing a platform that not only provides a way to transfer money anonymously, but to provide a platform that incorporates a wallet for SDC and Shadowchat, the decentralized, encrypted messaging network powered by SDC."

Although there are a number of platforms available including Dash and Monero, Shadowcash has two major advantages. Firstly, there is no pressure for users to sell their currency, and in fact, they can gain up to 2 percent interest annually. This gives an incentive for users to keep hold of their currency. Secondly, Shadowcash has a high security system in place removing the threat of a potential attack that has happened to other networks.

Shadowcash has gained huge interest, allowing users to safely, and anonymously buy and sell currency without outside sources watching on what is being sold and who is selling it. This provides a huge benefit for users who do not want their private financial business being made public.

"We are excited to become one of the success stories in the digital currency world. Since the digital currency was first launched, we have been keeping a close eye on the developments and what people want and what mistakes have been made. By learning from those mistakes and by listening to what people want we believe we have come up with the platform that provides a real solution."

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About Umbra
Umbra provides a platform for those that want to deal with digital currency in private. It provides a real solution where people can buy and sell without their financial transactions being monitored.