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New Startup Launches Children's Augmented Reality Book Series Featuring Real Life Heroines

TiffinTown Books is a social enterprise that seeks to revolutionize the way children read.


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/28/2017 --On Nov. 18, 2017, TiffinTown Books launched its Kickstarter campaign, which will last till Dec. 22, to fund its AR children's books series and quarterly eMagazines on diverse women with early bird prices for the first 100 buyers.

These books, created in collaboration with the London-based studio Augmented Reality, help children invite these women into their lives. Augmented Reality functions as a portable landscape, a digital interface into which virtual objects can be inserted. AR is a flexible and promising medium, and TiffinTown Books is adopting it to add context and fun to its stories. Readers simply find the AR pages, open their app and point their cellphone cameras at the pages. Then they can watch the characters come to life on their devices.

"One of our goals with this project is to normalize the excellence of women, and AR brings all these iconic moments in our women's lives closer than ever to our young readers," said Ms. Sneha Subramanian, 25, co-founder of TiffinTown Books., "there is a lot we want to further develop down the road."

12 books will be released each year, each illustrated by a different artist. The books tell the extraordinary tales of diverse women and their contributions to the world, separated into seven categories: scientists, artists, athletes, activists, business leaders, politicians, and explorers.

The first four books tell the stories of Josephine Baker, an iconic African-American dancer and civil rights activist; Ruth Harkness, fashion-designer turned explorer who brought the first panda to America and sparked public interest in panda conservation; and Eugenie Clark, a leading ichthyologist who championed marine conservation. A surprise book on an influential chef is planned a well.

"We wanted to share the stories of these amazing women, because they do exist and we want children today to know about them," said Ms. Gladys Ng, 23, co-founder of TiffinTown Books. "There has been a great push for diverse representation, but we really want to close the gap even more."

Less than 33% of children's books in any given year featured an adult woman [1], and only 22% of children's books featured people of color [2]. The time to tell these stories is now.

The start-up is also producing Tiffiners Magazine, a quarterly eMagazine that seeks to contextualize these women lives and educate children on cultural, scientific, and historical themes using animated graphics and interactive games.

Passionate about giving back to society, TiffinTown Books will contribute a percentage of all books revenue to an organization aligned with the work of the woman featured.

About TiffinTown Books
Founded by Sneha Subramanian and Gladys Ng in 2017, TiffinTown Books creates illustrated stories of tenacious heroines from around the world and combines them with Augmented Reality technology to rekindle in children the joy of reading and the courage to forge their own paths.

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