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New Startup Marketplace "AppnAbout" Offers Developer, Enterprise and Entrepreneur Friendly App Procurement Options


Fort Worth, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/05/2015 --AppnAbout is the new app marketplace that takes the pain out of purchasing apps in the corporate world. This is great news for corporate app buyers, who are dealing with the growing uptake of Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Corporate Policies, and the reality of dealing with multiple consumer app focused marketplaces, which are primarily promoting their branded devices tied to a single operating system.

AppnAbout, a startup company, has introduced a web-based app marketplace service allowing app developers to sell apps in a way that serves the unique app purchasing needs of enterprises and entrepreneurs.

"AppnAbout is set to change the way in which app developers sell, and enterprises procure apps in the future. AppnAbout is an app hypermarket; a one-stop app procurement solution for enterprises and entrepreneurs." commented Douglas Barnard, CEO and founder of AppnAbout. Barnard, a Southern Cross School of Business, Australia, MBA alumni is supported by a strong executive team in Dr Greg Timbrell- Head of Strategy, Monica Klapa- Legal Counsel, and Dr Paul King- Head of Technology.

AppnAbout's services are aimed at bringing app developers, enterprises and entrepreneurs together to trade in multi-platform (all operating systems) apps by offering Volume licensed app purchasing and volume based pricing; IP transfer sales, where developers are able to sell there apps outright including the intellectual property; Auctions, where app purchasers are able to bid for single or bundled IP transfer sale apps, or a bundle of app licenses at a price that suits; and where enterprises are able to bundle selected apps in a subscription-based arrangement.

In a single environment, Enterprises are able to purchase apps across operating systems to suit their organization's unique BYOD operating system mix. Enterprises also have a multitude of enterprise friendly procurement options available to them.

IP transfer sales are particularly appealing to entrepreneurs who are looking for the next 'killer' app to commercialize without having to create and develop them. App developers who have no interest in commercializing the apps they build and are looking for a venue in which to sell an app outright for a reasonable return will find AppnAbout the ideal marketplace.

IP transfer sales also appeal to enterprises who are looking at creating a strategic competitive advantage by means of exclusivity, especially where an app may add significant value to a business, marketing intelligence, analytical or strategic process.

Dr Greg Timbrell commented, "AppnAbout's service pricing is competitive, however, as a marketplace it differentiates in the profit sharing scheme offered to its highest contributors based on sales and purchases. We recognize that everyone in the app ecosystem makes a contribution and we will reward that! We will build a community that shares ideas and creates a positive spiral for the next wave of developers, entrepreneurs and corporate buyers, supporting the great entrepreneurial spirit of this industry."

AppnAbout offers app purchasers complete peace of mind with regards the app/s they purchase within the marketplace by making a range of risk-mitigation measures available to app sellers and purchasers including app certification via a third party partnership, app trials and a 30-day reasonable grounds cancellation policy.

AppnAbout is beta launching February, 5th, 2015 and will initially be targeting the vast USA app developers' market segment. It will, however, have local and global reach in app sales.

About AppnAbout
Douglas Barnard founded UrSlice.Com LLC d/b/a AppnAbout in February 2013. The company is a Texas registered Limited Liability Company.

AppnAbout is positioned to become the business and productivity apps marketplace of choice for entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Barnard is an accomplished company executive holding several international university qualifications, and who has occupied executive positions spanning the globe. Drawing on his global business experience, Barnard put together a diverse and multi-talented executive team.

Monica Klapa, Legal Counsel, is a commercial lawyer with an entrepreneurial spirit, an eye for detail and a natural ability to make business transactions work smoothly. Dr Paul King, Head of Technology is a writer, advocate, international speaker, electrical engineer and computer scientist. Dr King's expertise and passion for innovation and technology has been employed by over 100 companies in Europe, the USA and the Asia Pacific region. Dr Greg Timbrell, Head of Technology is an academic, writer, adviser and consultant who specializes in IT management and strategy.

AppnAbout will change the way that apps are developed, bought and sold. You can explore the AppnAbout website at this URL: https://www.appnabout.com