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New Stock with New Logo Soon to Arrive at Classy Catz Crochet


Brisbane, QLD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/01/2016 --Classy Catz Craftz has just announced the imminent arrival of new stock emboldened with a brand new logo. The company also announces the addition of a delightful crochet pattern of a Baby Dragon provided by Vanja Grundmann. Lovinia Dickens, owner of Classy Catz said of the new crochet pattern, "It is incredibly cute and should absolutely delight many a child."

Please click on the link to view the company' ever-popular Classy Catz Crochet Hooks exclusively on Crochet lovers should be quick as there is no guarantee that prices will not rise again shortly.


Classy Catz is always ready to pass along crochet trivia and its customers are sure to be entertained by knowing that Queens Victoria was a crochet buff. This fact added to the craft's popularity. James Buchanan, an early US president, also crocheted. Making its way all through history, crochet was the lifesaver of many an Irish family during the Great Famine. Irish craftsmen were able to "keep the home fires burning" by selling their handiwork to the rich English gentry. In fact, it's commonly believed that a bent finger was used for crochet before the advent of the hook. Makes one think, what sort of cramps and soreness would that have caused? To see more interesting facts visit:

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All rights reserved © Vanja Grundmann @ AmigurumiBB 2014 Baby Dragon crochet pattern.

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