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New Survey from Millennial Magazine Aims to Examine Millennial Engagement in the Workplace

Millennial Magazine, Virtuali team up to give one lucky entrant a trip to Buenos Aires


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2015 --The incorporation of Millennials into the workplace has not been an easy transition. Many Millennials have found it challenging to find satisfaction in their jobs, and as a result, many employers have struggled to engage and retain their younger talent.

To bridge the disconnect, Virtuali has teamed up with Millennial Magazine and Escape the City to launch an employee engagement survey that measures employees' perceptions and behaviors — a combination that is missing from traditional engagement surveys. By measuring how employees feel in addition to what they do, the survey creates a two-dimensional view of engagement that enables companies to more precisely identify and remedy the causes of disengagement.

"Millennials are a group with high expectations", says Sean Graber, Co-founder and CEO of Virtuali.

"They want purpose-driven work, challenging projects, top-notch learning and development programs, international rotations, flexible working arrangements, and the opportunity to make a social impact," Graber said. "It's difficult for companies to provide many of these benefits — but it's nearly impossible for any one company to provide all of them. This is an enormous challenge because Millennials — having grown up in the digital age — have been programmed with a fear of missing out. When one or more of these benefits are missing in their job, they will leave and search for them elsewhere."

The information gleaned from this survey will benefit Millennial employees as well as their employers. Millennials will be able to express their opinions, and their employers will gain previously unavailable insight into what drives their engagement in the workplace.

"The biggest challenge employers have with Millennial employees is their need to be heard and valued. While work-life balance may have turned into work-life integration in the 21st century, Millennials are looking for a position where they don't feel like a slave to their job but are rather empowered by the work they do," said Britt Hysen, Editor in Chief for Millennial Magazine. "The results of this survey will reveal how Millennial employees feel about their role within the company."

There is an additional benefit that Millennials may receive from taking the survey. One individual will win tuition for Virtuali's Go! program — a one-of-a-kind leadership development experience in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The program, which takes place between Sept. 28 and Nov. 21, includes two weeks of luxury accommodations, MBA classes, a philanthropic weekend retreat, one-on-one coaching, and a variety of other course and project work focused on developing fundamental leadership skills. All non-winning entrants will also receive a 10 percent discount toward future tuition.

The electronic survey takes approximately five minutes to complete and respondents have the opportunity to opt out of further communication, should they choose. For more information or to take the survey, visit