New Survey Reveals Best Practices in eBook Self-Publishing

5 Keys to a Successful eBook Marketing Strategy


Amsterdam, North Holland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/18/2014 --Defining clearer marketing budgets, investing in professional covers and reviews, and measuring the effectiveness of your promotional blogs are a few of the most important ingredients in improving the marketing and sales of eBooks, according to KindleBookReview, which this week released the results of its 2013 sponsored survey report conducted by Sellbox.

Based on a survey of over 300 independent authors, the report identifies trends and best practices around planning, executing and measuring a successful promotion of an eBook. Among its key findings:

- Nearly half of the self-publishers surveyed report hiring a professional editor (46%), whereas only a minority hire professionals to market their books.
- Most indie authors do not have a clear idea on the best ways to promote their book. 42% of authors invest absolutely nothing in a book cover; 11% invest in getting professional or paid reviews; and 66% of authors do not pay for advertising during Free Book Promotion days on Amazon.
- Blogs and Facebook dominate the way indie authors promote their books, yet few know how to measure their effectiveness.
- Amazon continues to dominate self-publishing accounting for 85% of all survey respondent eBook sales. With print books, the survey found 48% of indie authors use Amazon’s CreateSpace to produce print-on-demand books. The second place finisher was the traditional printer (21%) followed closely by Lightning Source with 15% market share.

While eBook publishing remains in its infancy, surveys such as this one provide valuable insights into the current practices of independent authors. Only through learning from the experiences of others can today’s self-publishing author advance in this evolving and competitive marketplace.

- For a free copy of the survey, please view: Self-Publishing Survey
- Best Practices :5 key steps to improve your ebook marketing strategy

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