Gary Occhino

PGA Golf Pro Develops New System for Golf Coaching: Mind Technique Synergy


Buffalo, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/03/2014 --Even Tiger Woods couldn't compete with this unique approach to playing golf. It's called Mind Technique Synergy (MTS) and it is a new development by PGA professional, Gary Occhino. MTS is an integrated strategy that combines traditional golf techniques with specialized, proprietary mind skills.

Mind Technique Synergy places equal emphasis three pillars of golf mastery - mind, technique and the synergistic application of the two together. While most golf training programs focus strictly on technique and skill application, MTS follows an educational approach that focuses on the essential elements of cognition. Instruction is differentiated based on individual learning style, preference and prior knowledge. Every facet of the students' personality and biomechanics are used to develop intense integrated lessons that guide the learner from knowledge of golf mechanics to application of skills that lead to consistent peak performance.

Occhino' s student-centered program has proven to be successful. In 2013, his students averaged a 30.2% drop in handicap while the golf industry average is 0%. Occhino's results have turned countless heads and he credits this success with his systematic, specialized, and hyper-individualized teaching methods. "Good people out there deserve the best, so I re-defined golf instruction into a progressive, modern style that yields tremendous results for you, the golfer." Says Occhino.

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About Gary Occhino
PGA professional Gary Occhino began his golf career by beating Tiger Woods in a junior world event at age 11. The Buffalo native is a #1 Bestselling Author and current coach of the USA Junior Golf Team. Occhino teaches golf internationally at the professional and amateur level using MTS, a holistic system for golf coaching that was developed over 10,000 hours of experience. Occhino's students have won hundreds of events at the national junior, state, collegiate and club levels.