Teller County Film Commission

New Teller County Film Commission Formed in Woodland Park, CO

Will serve filmmakers and others looking to shoot movies, television commercials and various video productions in Teller County, Colorado


Woodland Park, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/03/2017 --Woodland Park is now home to a newly-formed, non-profit corporation called the Teller County Film Commission (TCFC). The Commission is a full-service, first stop resource providing all the assistance needed to shoot movies, television commercials and other video productions in Teller County.

"The organization was needed when you look at the $464,000 economic impact of film in our county," said Mike Perini, President/Executive Director of the TCFC. The data was provided to the organization by the Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media (COFTM).

The Commission will provide site tours of location opportunities for filming, talent services, professional crew and production services referrals and will also provide permits needed for filming. They also have a fully-accessible library of still images and b-roll footage and will be a source for networking in the local area.

Mike Perini, President of the local public relations firm, perini & associates, working with Charlie (CR) Chambers, who started the TCFC in 2015, completed the process to formally establish in the State of Colorado as a non profit corporation. "We have articles, bylaws and board members now," Perini said. "And, we are currently assisting a major cable network with resources for a television project that is shooting in both Woodland Park and Cripple Creek in July."

Recently, the COFTM supported the new commission with a grant to assist with start-up.

"We are very grateful to the Colorado State Film Commission for granting funds that made it possible to launch this new Teller County Commission and for sharing our vision of the local Commission being the #1 resource in Woodland Park, surrounding communities and the entire Teller County area, to connecting filmmakers, and others, to experienced, professional and award-winning film production companies, studios, production assistants, crews, and equipment suppliers," said Perini.

"The Teller County Film Commission staff is here to help companies obtain the necessary permits for their film project or to help them figure out if they actually need a permit," said Chambers. "A permit will be required if the production involves the use of areas like public property or facilities, or has impact upon traffic flow, sidewalks or street areas."

"If a permit is required, the company will also need a current Certificate of Insurance in order to proceed with the permitting process and we can assist with that step as well," Chambers continued. "We will also be able to determine if an organization may qualify for permitting fee reduction or waivers."

Interviews are still in progress to complete the Board of Directors. To date the following positions and board members are announced:

Mike Perini, Executive Director and President of the Board
Charlie Chambers, Chief of Operations and Board Member
Kelly Gerszewski, Secretary/Treasurer and Board Member

Board Members:
Dave Adamson
Michael Dalton
Steve Harlan
Darlene Jensen
David Perkins
Michelle Perkins
Harriet Robinson

Colorado has long been known for its beautiful scenery and tranquility, and has been the spot for various filming locations over the last few decades. Woodland Park's neighborhood grocery store, City Market, was the location for a scene from The Fast and Furious 7 in 2015. The film crew also shot race scenes along the Pike Peak Highway. "TCFC furthers the opportunity for Teller County to be on the 'movie map'," said Perini. "We also plan to host the premier 'City Above the Clouds Film Festival' in Spring."

Filmmakers and local business owners interested in capitalizing on the untapped beauty of Teller County, Colorado, should contact the TCFC for recommendations for upcoming projects or refer to the Commission's new website at or find them on FB at

About Teller County Film Commission (TCFC)
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