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New Transportation App Debuts Kiwi Hub's Data-Centric Way to Integrate Urban Lifestyles

Launched by parent company Esperite Ltd., Kiwi Hub’s new transportation app streamlines how commuters navigate New Zealand’s largest cities. Better yet, it highlights the big data future of daily routines.


Auckland, New Zealand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/01/2017 --At the cusp of something transformative, Esperite Ltd. makes its debut into a ready marketplace with the Kiwi Hub app. Something like a one-stop-shop for public transit, the new app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a working principle. To that end, Esperite Ltd. has begun its wonders by streamlining transportation in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Having just completed the transportation module in August of this year, Kiwi Hub has an already impressive 20,000 active users. But it's easy to see why. In one central spot, commuters now have real time access to tens of thousands of public transit routes in the major cities of New Zealand. Need route conditions, to see the trip history, plan a trip, or track spending? Sure thing, do all that through Kiwi Hub.

Makes one wonder how such a large amount of information and features can be integrated into one app. Welcome to the new world of big data. It's at the fingertips.

Also in Esperite Ltd.'s sites for Kiwi Hub is the integration of major taxi services, cinema booking systems, and the shopping experience. Soon enough, this will be on one platform thanks to Esperite Ltd.'s ability to become deeply integrated into IT infrastructures. They do this by essentially rewiring the information network between businesses and consumers using AI and what's now referred to as deep machine learning. A huge leap forward for technology, simply stated, Esperite Ltd. trains systems to allow the data itself to write the code for new use cases. This mitigates how massive amounts of information can be relayed into practical use. With that integral rewiring tact, information networks will create a new way of life for the user with real time interaction that defies what's currently available in the mainstream. Until now, that is, with the Kiwi Hub app.

For the industry side, non-tech companies get a larger piece of the pie. Kiwi Hub will allow them to reach their customers in a new way. It will also help them reduce costs and provide better services.

Sergey Efimov, CEO of Esperite Ltd., said of the synergistic platform, "From the business point of view, armed with the integration of a big data strategy, we're able to facilitate intelligent cross-sales between different business sectors. At the same time, we're able to provide businesses with insights and analytics which opens a bi-directional communication channel between them and their customers. It's thrilling, it's on point, and for businesses and consumers, it's the future of what we now call the daily routine."

Kiwi Hub's digital personal assistant is going to be available in the next releases in September 2017.

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About Esperite Ltd.
Established in January 2015, Esperite Limited is based in New Zealand and is the parent company of Kiwi Hub. Esperite Limited provides businesses with technology-based strategies that facilitate intelligent cross-sales between different business sectors. Dually, they provide optimum benefits for the consumer with a streamlined mobile user experience.

About Sergey Efimov, CEO
Sergey is the founder of Esperite Ltd., Before starting the Esperite and Kiwi Hub platform in New Zealand, he was one of the founders, CTO and then CEO of a successful Internet Services Provider from 2002 to 2013 in Russia. When he moved to New Zealand in 2013, he worked as a Senior Software Engineer, Lead Mobile Engineer and Tech Lead in different industries from Entertainment, Healthcare to Finance. He has 16 years experience in IT industry.

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