New Tutoring Company Smashes the Competition's Prices

Tutoring Prices At One Third To One Half The Price


Norwalk, CT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2014 (203) 981-5691 is a new business offering tutoring services to all grade levels. always tutors one-on-one and in person. They charge only $40.00 per hour which is two thirds on average as to what the industry currently charges. They also offer free assessments and free career goal planning. offers free assessments to assist clients in order to determine how much time per week the client's child will need. In addition, their career planning offers students valid career choices so that when the student graduates they will be in those occupations that enables them to be gainfully employed. Examples of these career choices include doctor, physician assistant, lawyer, social worker, nurse, physical therapist, and occupational therapist. These are lucrative occupations that are in high demand with high pay.

TheTutorMarketplace plans to open up convenient tutoring retail locations that will consist of approximately thirty in each state. Each retail location will have seven tutors. In addition, they can tutor as little as one hour per week with great results. Their tutors will be well trained to accommodate students because the tutors hired will have gone an extensive background check. will tutor the following subjects:

-General Math
-Language Arts (Grammar, Reading, Writing)

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The Benefits of hiring as your tutor thus follows:

-Better Grades
-Reduced Test Anxiety
-Improved Relationships With Teachers
-Obtain Scholarships Reducing Educational Expenses
-Setting a Career Goal

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