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New Version of Ninox Database Maker for Mac, iPad and iPhone Launched with Enhanced Features for Small Business Organization

Running a small business or working as a freelancer means staying organized while taking care of the little details all at one time. Ninox version 1.7.0 promises an even more approachable way to give small to medium-sized businesses, freelancers, and individuals an organized approach.


Berlin, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/22/2016 --New in the Mac App Store, the 1.7.0 version of the Ninox app is launched with added features, fixes, and organized potentiality for any user. There are many apps that help to increase business productivity by providing solutions for managing contacts and clients (CRM), project management, invoicing or tracking hours of employees. The pitfall is, managing several different apps is time consuming and relevant data is distributed in different places.

Now anyone, without a software developer's help, can create one app that fits their daily workflow with a very straightforward approach. Available on desktop and mobile devices, the Ninox app is designed for small to medium-sized businesses, freelancers, consultants, lawyers, real estate agents, designers, photographers, salespersons, bloggers and even developers. Tracking, charting, calculating, and printing, things like accounting, inventory, contacts, and to-do lists, the database maker makes business as usual anything but.

With a special advantage for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the Ninox app is designed to improve business exponentially. How so? It manages and analyzes customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. With a goal of improving relationships and assisting in customer retention, Ninox helps drive sales growth by creating at-a-glance records. All of this with the functionality of a database, and the ease of a spreadsheet synced nicely with iCloud.

With collaborative features, Ninox also optimizes workflow for teams. It's useful across all industries for managing cash flow, employee hours and project costs as well as due dates across multiple devices. To create such organized potential, multiple templates are available for everything from accounting, to projects and meetings. Inventory of products, orders and sales are trackable, too. The management app even keeps track of personal collections like art, stamps and books. Ninox ups the ante so any user can track everything from recipes to real estate holdings.

Alexander Koenig, a representative of Ninox Software GmbH, said of the new version launch, "Because it's a general-purpose database, anyone can easily create anything with Ninox. Our new drag and drop feature helps users insert fields in an attractive layout with nineteen field types that aggregate data and embed sub-tables as well. Or, if a chart to analyze data is necessary, we have seven types to chose from. We've thought of everything here."

New Version Features & Fixes

- Full spreadsheet functionality. Copy and paste plus a selection of blocks.
- Enhanced user interface speeds up browsing, Ninox databases, tables.
- Mail merge allows printing multiple records at once.
- Show thumbnail images in table views and embedded tables.
- All commands are now available from the Mac menu bar.
- Greatly extended support for keyboard shortcuts.
- Added drag and drop support for file attachments.
- Database-level undo and redo.
- Choice fields can now be displayed as radio buttons and switches.
- Yes/No fields can now be displayed as checkboxes and switches.
- Clicking on a map looks up addresses.
- Improved scrolling features for large tables.
- Number format settings now offer a prefix option.
- Several enhancements of the scripting language.
- Improved performance when working with large tables.
- Multiple small improvements and bug fixes.
- Ninox now supports Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish.

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