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Using speed and simplicity as core working principles, a new version of is launched to challenge its competitors right out of the gate.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/15/2018 --StreamingVideoProvider announces the launch of its new version to publish, protect, and monetize high-quality video experiences worldwide on any device. Now in the running with high-profile sites like Vimeo Pro, the online video platform delivers high-speed management tools and connectivity with robust live video streaming APIs. Creating a go-to resource, the secure video hosting service allows for numerous media assets to be managed and processed from one easily-accessible place. So now, regardless of a company's size, they can stream videos and live broadcasts to audiences around the world with a fast content delivery network poised to grow brands just as quickly.

Deyan Shkodrov, CEO of StreamingVideoProvider, said of the new features, "We built the new platform, not just for SMBs, but also to suit large corporations. We recognized the growing need to manage tens of thousands of media assets in a fast, secure, and simple way. It took us nearly three years of development but, the result is astonishing."

With all media, settings, and publishing tools managed from one area, a wide range of unbranded and highly-customizable video players and playlists can be organized easily. The platform's HTML5 support works on all devices so just one click allows users to instantly embed or share their media and playlists via Facebook, Twitter, email, or a private shareable link. If Pay-Per-View streaming (PPV) is of interest, users can use the "Simple PPV" feature. There they can set a sales price for each video and PPV live stream and start selling live events, video courses, and how-to-tutorials immediately online. Advanced options are also available for those looking to sell, rent or offer subscriptions to single and groups of videos. As a handy addition to Pay-Per-View, users can earn additional revenue with pre, mid, and post-roll advertisements on their videos as well.

Behind the scenes, StreamingVideoProvider's advanced analytics allows for the control, management, and analysis of viewer behavior based on individual published media. With more help to reach goals faster, the newest version employs a new help center and live chat services as well. These services are powered by both humans and Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the website, management panel, and help center. Password protection of individual videos is available. Content encryption, Geo, IP, and domain name protection are included as well.

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Founded in 2006, StreamingVideoProvider currently hosts over 560,000 videos and streams over 50,000,000 minutes of live and VoD footage per year. It's a privately held, profitable company with a head office located in London, United Kingdom. The company also has offices in Bulgaria and Ukraine.

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