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New Vibe Training to Offer Upcoming Anger Management Course

Local Portland, OR Author to Provide Tips on Controlling Anger


Portland, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/03/2014 --Local life coaching firm, New Vibe Training, will be hosting an forthcoming course on anger management. The event will occur on Sunday January 26th from 9 to 5 pm at the New Vibe Training headquarters in Portland. Operated by trainer Carl Casanova, M.S., the course will provide tips and exercises for participants to help them control their anger and get back to developing healthy relationships.

Anger can greatly damage relationships with friends, family, spouses, and co-workers. While anger is a natural, instinctive reaction to feeling threatened, it is socially unacceptable to physically strike out or emotionally harass people in response to something you do not like. Learning to keep those behaviors in check is key to developing connections with other people and function as a productive member of society.

Anger management courses help participants lead healthier and more constructive lives. Studies show that anger can lead to emotional problems such as depression and anxiety as well as harmful physiological symptoms such as high blood pressure. These problems lead to shorter life spans for those who struggle with controlling their anger.

At the New Vibe Training anger management course, life coaches will help participants understand anger and its effects, communicate their issues and preferred results, and implement the necessary steps into their normal daily lives. Course instructor Carl Casanova reported on the event: “The course gives me an opportunity to work with all kinds of folks. I love helping people reign in those feelings of rage and get their personal and business relationships back on track. It is so gratifying when many of my clients come back and thank me for providing them with the tips they needed to manage their anger.” Participants will also receive Carl’s new book “Help, I Am Angry!” and a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

For more information on the course and long-term anger management training, please contact New Vibe Training.

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