New Warrior-Inspired Training Program, Blade Active, Designed to Empower Women


Mackay, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2018 --With a goal to empower women in both mind and body, gym instructor and mother-of-three, Natalie Dale created Blade Active. A revolutionary workout system, Blade Active combines a patented fitness sword and interlocking weight system with structured training programs and a supportive online community to help women go way beyond their fitness goals, achieving a sculpted body but also a powerful mind.

What's unique about Blade Active is the workout equipment the training program revolves around. The Blade Active system consists of the blade, which has the look and feel of a samurai sword but without the sharp metal blade. The fitness blade is used for cardio workouts inspired by authentic samurai movements.

Then, with the push of a button, users can easily and quickly apply weights to the blade, transforming it into its dual purpose as a weight training bar. With this patented push-button release and interlocking weight application system, users can get both a cardio and strength training workout in the convenience of their home.

Blade Active also includes progressive training programs, created by Natalie Dale herself, to help women reach their personal fitness goals at their pace while having a lot of fun. The entire program includes the patented equipment but also workout videos, nutrition guides, mindset principles, 24/7 support and tips online, as well as access to the Blade Active community, which includes a personal profile to track goals and the rest of the Blade Active tribe – other women who are awakening their inner warrior woman and transforming their lives.

Benefits of Blade Active's mind and body training include stronger bones, improved cardio health, a lean, sculpted body and enhanced mental calmness and clarity.

As a personal trainer with experience in Kendo, Dale discovered the mental and physical strengthening effect of performing warrior moves and wanted to share this with other women. "My goal was to make sure no other women felt powerless in their lives but instead, empowered, strong, and capable," she says.

Before introducing this system to the wider public, Blade Active is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Anyone who wants to be a part of this next generation fitness movement and get their own Blade Active equipment and training program can sign up for a 15% early bird discount on the Blade Active Indiegogo page. To learn more, visit