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New Web Service Rating Engine, R8, Rolls Into Production for 3 P&C Carriers


Manalapan, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2009 -- Maple Data Technologies announced today that it launched its new web-service-based rating engine R8 (pronounced “rate”) earlier this month and is currently in production for three Property & Casualty insurance carriers.

R8 was successfully integrated into Maple Technologies’ Aspire Information System solution, providing a web service rating engine component to support two NY based specialty commercial auto insurers and a medical malpractice insurer servicing the State of Nevada.

R8 is an insurance rating system capable of being consumed as a web service, which can be seamlessly integrated into existing insurance software solutions. Additionally, as an alternative to the web service interface, R8 can also be provided through its stand-alone web-based graphical user interface (GUI).

“With R8, users can enjoy convenience and confidence in the rating of their risk portfolio,” said Don Honeycutt, Executive Vice President of Maple Data and the Principal Architect of R8. “R8’s core engine is common to all interfaces regardless of the method utilized to access the service.” Honeycutt continued, “By simply providing R8 with the information needed to rate an insurance risk in a standard format, you will automatically receive a detailed response documenting the rates, factors, discounts, and calculations performed, and final rate results.”

“R8 also offers a robust management interface for pre-designated authorized users,” commented Matthew R. Blackley, Chief Technology Officer for Maple Data. “This optional interface allows properly credentialed users to view and administer rates, accept or reject published changes to rates and rating methodologies, and alter rates and formulas as needed to support their business processes.”

Maple Data also commented that they have been engaged in a collaborative effort with AAIS (American Association of Insurance Services), who supports approximately 600 member insurance companies, to develop a R8 web service for their Agricultural business lines, beginning with Agricultural GL and Agricultural Output. AAIS’ R8 web service product is scheduled for release January 2010.

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