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New Website Launch Emphasizes the Victories and Personal Stories Behind Addiction offers a safe community that supports addicts and loved ones through true stories, encouragement and hope.


Fort Myers, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/12/2016 --Rehab Detox Treatment's mission is to create a supportive community environment where stories of hope and recovery can be exchanged. We respect those who wish to remain anonymous, those who want to share pictures, and those who would like to remain active in sharing their journey with others through our site. We just want to spread the message that no individual has to be alone in fighting substance abuse.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is an epidemic in our country affecting millions of individuals and their families. People of all ages experiment with drugs and alcohol for a variety of reasons, often times being unaware of the long lasting damage that can occur. As the addiction begins to worsen, it can affect every area of the person's life. In many of these situations, the addict considers reaching out for help but may not know where to turn.

One avenue that can help an addict begin the journey to treatment and recovery is hearing real-life stories of other men and women who have faced addiction and are winning the battle. So often, we hear about the struggles of addiction and the permanent damage it can do, however, a new website is highlighting true stories of not only the struggles but the victories as well. The newly launched allows addicts and their loved ones to share insights, personal journeys and why their battle with addiction was worth the fight. Many of those who are choosing to share their personal story on the website are in the midst of recovery, and have begun to once again lead fulfilling, healthy and fruitful lives. These types of stories offer hope to addicts who are in the beginning stages of treatment or are considering treatment. They also offer encouragement to family members who are watching a loved one battle addiction.

In addition to sharing personal testimonies, this newly launched website allows visitors to engage with others who are in treatment, recovery, beginning the process, or who are walking alongside a friend, family member or spouse that is living with addiction. is a safe venue where a visitor, if comfortable, can reach out to others who have dealt with drug and alcohol addiction and discuss his or her struggles, questions or concerns. Those who engage with the website will find encouragement, strength and multiple levels of support.

The founders of this new website understand the importance of an addict feeling safe to share his or her struggles, and how a safe place provides an opportunity for someone to open up and build trust. Many addicts who are considering entering a drug rehabilitation program may be afraid. Through the sharing of honest experiences and detailed journeys, fear can be diminished and the addict will feel less alone. Ultimately, spreads the message that no person is alone in his or her substance abuse journey.

For many people, the fear of the unknown can result in the inability to move forward. This same fear also keeps many people from seeking treatment and/or sharing their struggles. is a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental community that embraces visitors and allows addicts to remain anonymous, if desired, and connect with others who have walked a similar journey. Connection with others can help the person addicted realize he or she is not alone, there are people who are concerned, and that help is available.

It is time to break the stigma and have the addiction community speak up to let others know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Share your personal story now or read stories of others - stories of hope, courage and victory.

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