On Air Parking

New Website OnAirParking.com Launches to Help Save Travelers Money on Parking

Find out more about onairparking.com's launch.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/02/2018 --Today NOSON Inc officially announced the launch of their website On Air Parking.. On Air Parking is a travel booking website that solely focuses on pairing leisure travelers with discounted airport parking reservations.

NOSON Inc, founded by parking veteran Brett Harwood and serial entrepreneur Patrick Murray, makes it simple and affordable for people to get to the airport. Their first product was Top Airport Parking which similarly offered discounted parking reservations and was launched in late 2016.

Murray said, "We launched Top Airport Parking as our MVP and have made thousands of iterations to the user interface based off tens of thousands of orders, and constant customer feedback. We created On Air Parking to produce an experience for our travelers that they couldn't get from our old website. With On Air Parking we allow travelers to see all of their past, current, and future reservations. We allow them to store their information in our secure database and simply check-out by logging in when they're traveling."

On Air Parking not only offers saved traveler information and reservations, it also offers reservation modification. If your flight gets delayed or cancelled you can extend your reservation or even cancel it if it hasn't been used.

"On Air Parking has currently launched 2 of our 19 markets, Oakland and Atlanta, but we'll launch everything by the second quarter.", Murray says. He added, "our Customer Advisory Board is working through any bugs we missed in initial testing, and we're excited to fully launch our 19 markets, and work on getting that number to 30 very soon."

To purchase parking from On Air Parking, simply visit onairparking.com. Once you input your airport location and parking check-in and check-out dates, you will be prompted to pick a location. Checkout through the website with as a new user or guest, and your reservation will be made.