New Wireless Speakers Set to Deliver an Audio Revolution Using DECT Technology


Kowloon, Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/03/2016 --A revolutionary set of wireless speakers are now available that not only deliver superior sound quality using DECT technology but look astounding in a clear state-of-the-art case. Available for a tenth of the price of other high-end speakers on the market, the ONEclassic speakers perform far better than wired speakers, using only a small, highly-integrated USB dongle to stream pristine sound quality from any PC or mobile device.

After five years spent developing the world's first true wireless surround sound, the team behind the ONEclassic speaker are ready to begin production. They are launching the speakers on Crowdfunding Platform Kickstarter, with plans to ship the speakers to their backers at the end of August 2016.

The highly innovative speakers are the first to use DECT technology for wireless audio speakers, which stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone, and earned the team the 2016 CES Innovation Award. DECT operates on a 1.9GHz frequency band, which only DECT devices can operate on; it is not therefore affected by data sharing congestion and cloudy or jammed channels like WiFi and Bluetooth devices. Also, the communication range is about twice that of Bluetooth and WiFi. Benefits of the ONEclassic speakers include:

- Four sound profiles to cater for individual preference; Warm, Natural, Clarity, and Dynamic.
- Tone balance to adjust treble according to the size and shape of the room and the sound absorption of the surroundings.
- 5.1 surround sound; supports multi-channel concurrent transmission for a home cinema layout.
- The best channel synchronization and low time jitter; DECT technology provides accurate time information to both speakers so left and right speakers are almost perfectly aligned (50 times better than WiFi).
- Transparent speaker case; contains a compact electronic board which is simple and clean.
- Housed in 12mm German-made acrylic plastic. Durable, safe, and the sound is clean and warm; high internal damping characteristics prevent sound reflection inside the speaker enclosure.

The new generation of wireless audio speakers will come closer to bringing authentic musicality direct to the listener, connecting them to the performers, and reproducing the real soul of the music. Suitable for all genres from classical to hip-hop, the speakers are comparable to a system that costs $200,000. Those interested in backing the project or finding out more about the technology behind the high-performance speakers can view the product on Kickstarter.

As for the future, the team has plans to launch the true wireless 5.1 surround which will have no power cord or speaker cable.