New WowPetsDeals Pet Store Now Offers Its Products at a Discounted Price


Düsseldorf, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/24/2020 --WowPetsDeals is an online retailer offering a wide range of pet products - feeding accessories, playing, training, pet grooming, and more for the needs of clients' pets. At the moment, all WowPetsDeals clients can get a 50% discount for each of the products in stock. Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Italy and Slovakia are among the countries, where the online store is accessible 24/7.

WowPetsDeals top products include:

Dog Chew Cleaner - this product with soft cleaning spikes gently removes all teeth pollution.

Ionic Pet Brush - it emits millions of cleansing ions to clean and remove odors while brushing the pet. The brush is suitable for cats, dogs, and other pets with fur.

Paw Cleaner - a silicone pad with a soft brush which is gentle but removes all the dirt from pet's paws.

Pet Bathing Tool - all-in-one solution for cleaning, massage, and grooming. The silicone pins on the glove clean the fur. It is made of highly elastic silicone that is both durable and soft on the touch.

Pet Trainer - an effective way to develop positive behavior in the pet. It emits a high-frequency ultrasonic pitch that manages pet's attention.

Pet Corner Massage Brush - minimizes cat and dog hairs in the house. The falling hairs stick to the brush, making it easy to peel and throw away.

Interactive toys, grooming devices, car seat cover, and vacuum hair removers are also part of WowPetsDeals product line.

Recent researches show that a high percentage of pet owners prefer to shop online. WowPetsDeals mission is to provide high quality pet products and accessories to meet the needs of all its present and prospective clients.