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New York City Landlords and Property Owners Under Fire for Toxic Mold Negligence


Manhattan, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/22/2013 --The simple fact is that landlords and property owners are responsible for providing safe living spaces for their tenants. However, after Hurricane Sandy this became a bit more difficult. With the major flooding and water damage that are literally thousands of homes with hidden, toxic mold lurking in basements, walls and other hard to reach areas. This has resulted in big problems for landlords, property owners, as well as the tenants that reside in the location.

Due to this problem, there are many reports of landlords being sued for negligence, which results in problems for all of the parties involved. However, the biggest losers in this scenario are definitely the tenants. Toxic mold is referred to as toxic for a reason. It poses serious health risks and problems, especially when you are exposed to it for extended periods of time. If left unattended the toxic mold can lead to serious respiratory issues and eventually death.

Directly after the Hurricane, the focus was on the structural integrity of homes and businesses. Unfortunately, this meant that there were several other, potentially dangerous factors that were completely ignored. This included the issue of toxic mold. Once tenants or home owners began discovering the issue the blame placing began.

In most cases the landlords were bombarded with complaints and lawsuits from tenants claiming neglect of the grounds of the buildings. These lawsuits could lead to the condemning of the buildings or unlivable conditions. This would typically mean even worse situations for tenants. Now they had two choices: live in a potentially deadly environment or be displaced and have nowhere to go.

This created quite a buzz and is still surfacing stories in the Brooklyn area. The issue of toxic mold is not one that will just disappear. The fact is that the problem will just continue to become worse and spread to other areas of the building. However, the method of treatment is just as important as actually taking action to rectify the problem.

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Contrary to popular belief a simple bleach solution will not effectively kill the mold that exists in your home. You have to enlist professional help to rid your surfaces of the micro flora that is present beneath the surface of the walls, floors and other areas in your home. Yes, bleach will eliminate surface stains however the mold will reappear within a few days. The NYC mold removal company, Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc understand the proper methods for ridding your home and surfaces from all traces of mold including the roots that are not seen from the surface. This can save tenants, landlords and property owners time, money and effort that can be utilized for restoring other parts of the city.

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