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New York City Mold Remediation Company Applauds Officials and Organizations for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Efforts


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/22/2013 --In recently released reports by NY state officials and the New York City Mayor’s office, stated that there have been many ongoing efforts for assisting residents after Hurricane Sandy ravaged New York City. Now dealing with Superstorm Sandy’s aftermath of raw sewage and toxic mold contaminated areas, these reports went on to highlight the many different efforts and actions of volunteers, charities, organizations, non profits, not for profits, corporations, and business owners. These reports had statements from numerous officials thanking all that have been contributing to restoring New York City back to its usual vigor.

One of the reports released by NY state officials, a part of the NYC mold assembly bill, went on to highlight the many different aspects of mold after Hurricane Sandy flooding, how thousands upon thousands of people are still in dire need of assistance, what residents can do to properly remove mold from their residence safely, and how to hire a legitimate NYC mold removal company. The NYC mold assembly bill was a very detailed and very well written report on the many different aspects of the serious mold situation that New York City and surrounding areas are currently facing. Some additional media reports from other established environmental companies in NYC have also further substantiated the claims of a mold epidemic plaguing NYC.

In a recent interview with a well known New York City mold removal company, a spokesperson stated, “ As it is nice to see so many organizations, individuals, businesses chipping in to help fellow New Yorkers by releasing special reports to the public, by donations, by giving any other type of assistance, by holding mold workshops; some efforts are almost a lost cause. Due to the amount of flooding and the wide spread are that was under water, the possibility of mold overtaking the city is very high as mold spores are airborne and buildings are so close to each other in NYC”.

The spokesperson for this New York City mold inspection company went on to finish with, “I wanted to state a proposed correction to the NYC mold assembly bill. One of the items overviewed was in regards to fumigation with biocides, organic mold neutralizers, dry ice and other non toxic chemicals. They state that fumigation is not a good practice for mold removal, which in my years of experience, is quite arbitrary. Depending on what is used and on what types of mold, these organic, natural, and environmentally friendly substances used actually neutralize mold spores, making them less likely to become airborne and much easier to clean up, especially within air vents and air ducts”.

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