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New York Congestion Tax Will Not Reduce Traffic Jams, Says Parking Industry Expert, OnAirParking.com CEO Patrick Murray

The CEO of popular airport parking deals site OnAirParking.com proposes a solution to reduce traffic jams that will benefit all groups, including New York.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2019 --There's another way to fight city congestion that isn't as onerous as New York's congestion tax. On Air Parking CEO Patrick Murray proposes starting with parking to help reduce the congestion.

Murray, who was awarded by the National Parking Association as one of its 40 Under 40 Class of 2016, said that New York's "expensive parking fees" is one of the major causes of congestion.

"Driving around searching for parking causes traffic," said Murray. "One industry report found that New Yorkers waste 107 hours every year just searching for a place to park."

"And the reason for that is crystal clear. The price of parking is too high. So these cars stay on the road, driving around searching for the best price."

Murray added that giving drivers the ability to reserve parking and prepay for it ahead of time will help reduce traffic jams. The serial entrepreneur also said that making city parking affordable will help keep cars off the roads.

"New York's congestion tax is a band-aid solution to the deeper causes of traffic jams," said Murray. "It's unfair to people who own cars and have jobs in a particular city."

On Air Parking, best known for its cheap airport parking deals for the Denver International Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, and John Glenn Columbus International Airport, has two pilot locations for its cheap city parking service, namely in Journal Square, New Jersey and Lenox Hill on Manhattan's Upper East Side for $5.99 and $9.99 a day respectively.

"Since launching our city parking service last year, we've seen how affordable prices benefit everyone," said Murray. "In our location at Lenox Hill for instance, our travelers have no problems leaving their car at our partner parking facility and walking to their destination."

"Our travelers get to go where they have to be. Our partners enjoy higher revenues. And for cities like New York that needs the money from congestion tax to upgrade its mass transit systems, affordable parking can drive more cars into the city without congesting the roads."

Murray added, "We're going to be launching something in New York soon, that even if there is a $12 congestion tax, everyone stands to benefit. Stay tuned for our announcement."

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