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New York WORK Train Fight Says Boxing Fitness Classes Can Beat the Obesity Battle

Boxing Fitness classes in New York City are helping men and women to lose weight and become slimmer and healthy. The classes are available to people who live and work in New York who would like a fun way to exercise.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/23/2015 --In America, there are over 78.6 million adults who are overweight with a large number of them living in New York City. Doctors and health experts have warned the figure will continue to rise unless people start to turn to fitness classes and exercise. One form of exercise that has become popular in New York City is the Work Train Fight Boxing Fitness Classes.

The New York City Boxing Fitness Classes allow a person to lose more than 700 calories per session. Boxing has become a real full bodywork out that gives a person wishing to become slimmer and healthy one of the best form of exercise. With a weekly boxing fitness class, a person can achieve their aim of losing weight without turning to drastic diets or gastric band operations.

Health experts have warned that being overweight or obese could cause serious health problems and even lead to a person dying before their time. These health problems include Type 2 diabetes, heart problems, some forms of cancer and depression. Doctors have sent out a clear message that people who are overweight need to exercise at least twenty minutes a day, and find a form of exercise that will motivate them to achieve the goal of weight loss.

A spokesman for Work Train Fight said: "The Boxing Fitness classes are a fun way to lose weight and get into shape."

People who have enrolled on the Boxing Fitness Classes have achieved great results. The classes also help people to increase their confidence as well as meeting new friends while at the same time achieving their goal of weight loss.

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