Newaire Plugin Ozone Generator Launched on OzoneGeneratorDirect.com

Solar Systems, LLC proudly announces the launch of the Newaire Plugin Ozone and Negative Ion Generator. A technological breakthrough, the smartphone-sized plugin deodorizes and sanitizes any size room with absolutely no chemicals or maintenance.


Union City, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/29/2013 --Assuring customers a new way to keep their homes and places of business free of intrusive smells, Solar Systems, LLC has launched a new product, the Newaire Plugin Ozone and Negative Ion Generator. Based out of Union City, Georgia, the company officially launched the product on the company's website OzoneGeneratorDirect.com on October 25th. The Newaire Plugin comes complete with a two year warranty and has a remarkable fifteen year life expectancy with absolutely no maintenance necessary. The size of a smartphone, the "whisper quiet" product plugs into any outlet and immediately begins to deodorize and sanitize the ambient air in the room. Internally, the unit's novel technology automatically produces a health-promoting mix of ozone and negative ions to clean the air of offensive smells without the use of any harmful chemicals.

Alex Kataras, CEO of Solar Systems, LLC said of the Newaire Plugin Ozone and Negative Ion Generator, "Most people aren't acquainted with this type of air sanitizer. However, the fact remains, ozone generators can remove 99% of odors and almost any smell you can think of. Literally all you have to do is plug them in. It's amazing." No longer having to rely on products that mask offending smells rather than eradicate them and promote breathable air, the newly launched product from Solar Systems, LLC is offered for a limited time on the company's website for $99.95. Normal retail price for the item is $129.95.

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The patent-protected technology of the Newaire Plugin Ozone and Negative Ion Generator is driven by the powerfully diverse and effective properties of ozone or O3 (a supercharged form of oxygen that has been created by nature for millions of years as a natural sanitizer). A sustainable and green technology, after sanitizing the room, the O3 molecule reverts back to O2 or regular oxygen, leaving no residue behind. Commercially, ozone is most often used for air treatment in hotels, food processing plants and flood and water damage restoration companies. Over the past decade, a growing number of companies/industries have tested and adopted ozone as an inexpensive way to quickly and safely deodorize even the most highly-trafficked of areas. Likewise, a burgeoning number of home owners are using ozonators as an integral part of their cleaning arsenal, particularly in under-ventilated spaces such as bathrooms, basements and attics.

With the addition of the Newaire Plugin, Solar Systems, LLC is proud to be offering consumers the opportunity to enjoy the year-round benefits of ozone, all at a significant savings to traditional, more fully-featured units.

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Alex Kataras is a clinical researcher of a variety of alternative and naturopathic treatments. He customizes units and therapeutic regimens for clients looking to naturally get (or stay) healthy.

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