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Newcastle Village Dental Makes Its Home in a Restored Heritage Home

Newcastle Village Dental can help you to teach your children how to brush their teeth and can even guide them through the process of getting braces.


Newcastle, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/25/2019 --Newcastle Village Dental is ready to help you and your entire family attains that bright, healthy smile that you can all be proud of. It's important to have a nice smile in today's day and age. Canadians may not think of it immediately, but one of the first things people notice when meeting someone new is the quality of their smile.

That's why Newcastle Village Dental is there, not just for you, but for your entire family. They believe that a good checkup is just part of proper dental care. Prevention is another tool at their disposal that they can use to help you to maintain your teeth.

They can also help you to ensure that your kids are on the right road to maintaining good teeth. Newcastle Village Dental can help you to teach your children how to brush their teeth and can even guide them through the process of getting braces.

Newcastle Village Dental also ensures that they have all of your dental needs covered:

Implant Dentistry –This dental office has a proficient team to help you in the field of dental implants. Whether full implant or mini-implants, Newcastle Village Dental can bring you through the whole process from the beginning to the end.

Orthodontics – Most people think of a teenager with a metal smile when someone mentions orthodontics. This field, however, covers more than young people with braces. Many of their clients, ranging in age from young to old, have gotten braces to achieve a straighter, healthier smile.

Even if braces aren't for you, there is an alternative to metal braces, called Invisalign. Invisalign is made of plastic. The pro to using this form of corrective therapy is that these plastic braces are virtually undetectable for those embarrassed at the prospect of wearing metal braces. The other advantage of Invisalign is that they can be easily removed when you need to clean your teeth, or whenever you need to eat.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction – No one ever wants to have teeth removed unless they absolutely have to, but the reality is that, for many of us, those wisdom teeth have to come out sooner or later! That's why Newcastle Village Dental has a number of solutions for wisdom teeth extraction, including the availability of IV sedation for those requiring it. IV sedation is a service that is provided by Newcastle Village Dental with care. They are able to monitor the amount of sedative you're receiving and adjust it accordingly, thereby ensuring that you don't feel any pain.

Root Canal Therapy – For many people this term is the "R" word! It's not pleasant for most people to contemplate, but Newcastle Village Dental's team is a compassionate group of professionals who will carefully guide you through the procedure and make it as painless as possible for you. If you do have any anxiety about going for this procedure, you can be prescribed an anti-anxiety medication, which you can take before you arrive!

About Newcastle Village Dental
Newcastle Village Dental makes it home in a restored heritage home and has a dedicated team available to serve you. Newcastle Village Dental has multiple dentists and certified orthodontist in the Newcastle office. Offers wide range of services including implant dentistry, orthodontics, wisdom teeth under IV sedation, root canal therapy and dentistry for the entire family.