Newcomers Join the Crypto Circle and Have the First Experience of Opening an Account on the ZB Exchange for a Week


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/02/2021 --I occasionally heard the words of "crypto circle", "chain circle" and "crypto assets". I have been very curious, but I don't know how to start. This year, a series of news reports, such as the surge of dogecoin, gradually attracted my attention, and I began to pay attention to it. Under the recommendation of many friends, I stepped into this circle.

At the beginning, I just regarded digital assets as stocks and a number of exchanges as stock exchanges. Later, I found that there were differences. First of all, the trading time was very different. There was no time limit for the crypto circle. It was open 24 hours a day, and the trading frequency and price fluctuation were very uncertain.

As a newcomer, first of all, I have to find an exchange before I can buy or invest in digital currency. Mining is still too difficult for me who has just come into contact with the crypto circle. I first searched the exchanges on microblog, but I didn't find a few. I was embarrassed at that time. I thought that these exchanges didn't even have microblog.". But after repeated searching, I found microblog exchanges such as ZB and Okex, and of course others, such as Huobi, binance, Coinbase.

Choosing an exchange is actually the first hurdle to enter the crypto circle. There are so many exchanges, both good and bad, and there are also many reports of exchanges running off the road and illegal operations. After comparing market depth, market liquidity and brand reputation, I chose ZB exchange as the first door to enter the crypto circle. And I, after only using ZB APP for a week, I went from unfamiliar to familiar, and then to love it. It can be said that it starts with appearance and ends with performance.

First of all, the homepage of the ZB APP is organized and clearly colored, and several functional areas can be seen clearly at a glance.

Spot, Margin, and OTC are listed side by side, making it easy to find. QC is a stablecoin against the offshore CNY, and USDT is a stablecoin against the U.S. dollar. At first I thought I could only buy two stablecoins, QC and USDT. When I opened it, I was surprised that I could directly buy 13 digital assets such as BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, EOS, XRP, DASH, etc. It is very convenient and saves a lot of trouble. The merchants in the OTC are also certified by the platform and are quite reliable.

ZB APP is particularly friendly to Hong Kong users, because it gives Hong Kong users more convenience in many detailed operations. It can be said that in addition to its professional quality, ZB may also be the only exchange that loves Hong Kong users the most.

The ZAPP in the middle is also a treasure, a collection of many applications, including common functional areas, finance, cloud computing power, etc. Many functions are the first time I have seen them, and many of them are unique.

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Bctype is a media dedicated to blockchain information and market analysis.

In terms of language, ZB APP supports 11 languages, including Chinese, English, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, and Thai, which belong to the high-end version. The customer service is even more attentive. It is always attentive to questions and answers 24 hours and 7 days.

In addition, I will popularize the following three professional terms for everyone.

1. Market depth. This is made up of all unexecuted buy or sell orders at the same price. At the same time, it refers to the ability of currency prices not to fluctuate sharply when the transaction platform can withstand large amounts of transactions. Simply put, it is the quantity and density of each price. Regardless of whether it is a sell order or a buy order, the denser the price and the greater the quantity, the deeper the market depth, and vice versa. The deeper the market depth, the more stable and mature the market.

2. Market liquidity. This refers to the ability to be unimpeded when buying and selling quickly in the market. The better the liquidity, the shorter the time you wait for a deal when buying and selling digital assets, the more active the trading on the trading platform. With good flow and fast transactions, users naturally feel better.

3. Brand reputation. The above two criteria are not sufficient to determine whether an exchange is reliable. If you want to be more secure, you have to look at the reputation and duration of the exchange. The better the reputation and the longer the time.

4. According to data from February 2021, ranks among the top ten in global trading volume. As a first-line exchange that has been successfully operating for 8 years, ZB provides digital asset trading services for more than 10 million users around the world. It has been moving forward steadily and is one of the world's TOP5 virtual asset exchanges. ZB's brand reputation and brand strength also left a deep impression on users. It used to be the first exchanges in Asia where ETH, EOS, etc. were launched and traded most actively. Therefore, ZB has become the world's largest retail digital asset exchange. Currently in the Asian market, ZB's search volume is far ahead.

In recent years, some have taken advantage of ZB's reputation and made some fake websites. When you log in to ZB's official website, you must see if it is the real ZB official website.. Moreover, ZB has also been advancing the process of compliance, and has obtained Dubai and Singapore exchange licenses, which can continue to escort the safety of users' funds.

About Bctype
Bctype is a media dedicated to blockchain information and market analysis.