NewfoodZ Is Producing Dehydrated Raw Foods from Commercial and Agriculture Food Waste Streams


Littleton, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2016 --NewfoodZ, the revolutionary new company producing dehydrated raw foods from agriculture and aquaculture food waste, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring their project to life.

NewfoodZ first product is their orange peel powder. The company recently established their first operating partnership with a citrus juicing plant in Mexico to re-purpose the leftover orange peels into a delicious and nutritious 100% Non-GMO Orange Peel Powder.

"Several years ago when I learned what a problem food waste is I set about learning how I may take my entrepreneurial skills and apply them to eco-sustainable solutions," says co-founder and imagineer Christian J. Murray. "Since then a path of adventure has brought our present group together. My present partners have the past experience and the Intellectual property that makes NewfoodZ a powerhouse of preservation technologies."

Orange peel contains a variety of goodness, including 10 times more Vitamin C and beta-carotene than orange juice, plus valuable bioflavonoids such as rutin, hesperidin and d-limonene. Contributors to the NewfoodZ crowdfunding campaign will receive one or more individual, sealed ½lb, 225 gram packages of Orange Peel Powder, which has a multi-year shelf life.

With the funds raised, NewfoodZ will fund a major waste recovery project to dehydrate fish parts from wild-caught salmon. The "Alaska Salmon Recovery Project" will be the company's first aquaculture venture. Based on the initial success with citrus peel, it will allow the company to focus on the thousands of tons of highly nutritious salmon "leftovers" associated with the Alaska fishing industry. Once the fish parts are dehydrated, they can be put through the HCR Vortex Mill and reduced to a very small, microscopic size. The powder can then be used as a high-protein, human consumable ingredient for a variety of foods.

The plan is to establish the facility location in association with Native Tribe corporation(s), beginning with a small scale operation and then growing into a full scale operation. As the operation expands and the locals become trained, the plan is to transfer the operation to complete local ownership. During that period, NewfoodZ will invite food processors and NGOs from around the world to review their operation with the intention of securing their support to roll out the process in multiple locations worldwide.

"We hope the public will recognize that by supporting our crowdfunding campaign our supporters will receive a great reward in our orange peel powder," adds Murray. "They also get the gratification of knowing they have changed the positive future of food security. Our supporters are impacting the whole world by helping bring our concept to the food industry and reduce food waste on a global scale."

The NewfoodZ crowdfunding campaign is currently live and seeking your generous support on Indiegogo:

About NewfoodZ
The three founders came together over the past five years. with over 100 years of combined business experience and 20 years of Ecological based projects. We see a future where all grown and captured foods are used to their maximum potential. These foods will be valued for direct use and fortification of meals.

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