Newly Created Next Innovation Backpack Is the Most Functional Backpack for the Modern Active Lifestyle


East Providence, RI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/20/2018 --Designed as the ultimate backpack solution for everyone, the Next Innovation backpack is the most functional backpack created to date, suitable for urban, everyday usage as well as outdoor adventures and a jet setting lifestyle. It's modular, waterproof, and it even floats, empowering people to embrace life worry-free, knowing they have everything they need safely secured inside, and they look good at the same time.

Next Innovation, a lifestyle and water sport hardware company created in 2015, made sure every possible useful feature a backpack could have is included. Each storage space and strap is integrated seamlessly into the design, creating a sleek, modern aesthetic that looks great anywhere.

The features include a laptop and tablet protector, a solar charge pocket, wet item storage, ergonomic straps, anti-theft construction for safer travel, a side handle, and an easy-to-reach fast check pocket for small items.

What really makes the Next Innovation backpack stand out is the modular design. Using the connected zipper, users can swap, switch, merge and separate to effortlessly go from an understated urban style backpack to a travel style, with all the space and organization necessary for up to seven days of travel. The backpack will even fit as a carry-on bag when flying.

Switch to the outdoor style and take advantage of adjustable chest straps for comfortable hiking, a unique pillow function for camping and waterproof construction, letting users take this backpack anywhere.

There are more functions on the way that will be added to the lifechanging appeal of this backpack, like internal removable organization, perfect for storing photography gear, small travel items, or other things. Wearers will also be able to change the removal pocket on the shoulder strap.

Motivated to create a product that would also improve safety on the water, the creator designed the Next Innovation backpack to be an inflatable flotation device. "While lifejackets are always best, you can't wear them everywhere and a lot of people don't use them while in the outdoors kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or just out on the water having fun. We wanted to make a backpack that would be an alternative so people can still live the adventure but with less risk," says Yueyang.

Next Innovation is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. A limited number of backers can take advantage of discounted early bird prices when they order the backpack through the campaign. Next Innovation expects to start shipping the backpacks in September 2018.

To learn more, visit the Next Innovation Kickstarter page.