Newly-Launched AppsVillage Allows Every Small to Medium Business to Create Its Own App for Free

Making what 90% of businesses want but don’t have, both approachable and affordable. With AppsVillage any business can create an App free of charge, in no time!


Tel-Aviv, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/06/2016 --Up until now small to medium business owners that wanted their own branded App on Apple Appstore and Google Play had to drop the idea once they had discovered it was too expensive and complicated. Today, Tel Aviv-based AppsVillage launched a service allowing business owners to have their own branded mobile App for both iPhone and Android, with a stunning look and all the features needed to promote their business. The newly launched service requires no development experience or graphics design specialty whatsoever, and the created App works natively on both platforms.

AppsVillage app builder does in minutes what used to take between six and eighteen months, cost between $50k and $150k and required tedious design sessions with the business owner team. The AppsVillage app builder algorithm pulls all existing information and graphics from the business Facebook page, analyzes it and creates a slick interfaced App, making the App creation process both fast and easy. It is Free of charge to create the App as well as the first 30 days, after which a subscription fee of a mere $9.99 monthly is charged, and the App is up and running and creating revenues.

While most businesses are still used to the traditional and old fashioned way of increasing revenues by sending coupons and special offers through plain boring text messages and email newsletters which go unread into the trash, a native App gives business owners the opportunity to go to the next level and send impressive interactive notifications to their customers, easily and efficiently. With the AppsVillage app business owners can also send out coupons for purchase and their customers can enjoy special offers and sales right from their mobile device. Business owners can also chat with customers privately to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

"Business owners should be able to give their customers the best access to updates and special sales. Now every business can start a new revenue stream with its App, competing with bigger businesses who were the only ones that could afford an App up till now. To get the ball rolling, we give our customers an incentive as well - the first 30 days on AppsVillage are free of charge" says Max Bluvband, Founder and CEO of AppsVillage.

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About AppsVillage
AppsVillage is based in Tel-Aviv, Israel and provides SaaS based own branded mobile App to small to medium sized businesses worldwide for an affordable subscription fee.


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