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Newly Launched NZ Invention Heats Homes with Solar


Invercargill, New Zealand -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/06/2017 --James Quaid believes his new invention could change home heating in NZ. "We have designed a state of the art solution that combines free-heat with efficient and affordable central heating," says Quaid "We call it Trivium!"

A qualified electrician by trade, Quaid started Solar Pro in Invercargill in 2010, teamed up with Karl Lawrence, and together they developed a unique solar panel to distribute warm air into Otago and Southland homes. The system has proved to be very popular with homeowners.

Their latest creation combines the best of solar with the best of ducted heating and is potentially a real game-changer for home heating in New Zealand.

"People who live in colder parts of New Zealand are looking for a way to heat their homes for less, and we wanted to help them" say Quaid. "We built a software interface that seamlessly integrates free-heat from our solar panels, with low-cost heat from the ducted heating system".

Quaid says that customer feedback has been excellent and Solar Pro is already receiving 'friend referrals' for the Trivium system from homeowners that are enjoying the warmth and comfort.

"Trivium can also ventilate and dehumidify" says Quaid "and for those occasional crazy hot days in New Zealand, it can also provide very effective cooling".

2017 looks like being a very big year for Quaid and Lawrence as they gear up to install their new heating and ventilation solutions into more New Zealand homes.


About Solar Pro
Solar Pro is a Southland-based company specialising in central heating, solar warmth, ducted heat pumps, ventilation, and insulation. The company was originally formed in Invercargill by James Quaid during the Research and Development of the Solar Air Panel. Karl Lawrence worked alongside James throughout the design and development phase, then moved to nationwide Marketing and Customer Support.

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