Newly-Launched Website Helps Females Share Hotel Rooms to Save Costs

1Room4Two.com lets female travelers see the world and save money while tapping into the newest room sharing trend.


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/15/2016 --The desire to travel and take a break from daily routines is appealing but, for many limited by a tight budget it's hard to swing. However, just recently, the concept of room sharing has caught on with young people and backpackers. Their experience is, hotel rooms are just too pricey and hostels or dormitories are just too small. They're too crowded to make vacations enjoyable. As a result this section of the marketplace has been craving something in-between. Something that won't break the bank. Enter, 1room4two.com. They're the new site that only provides services to female travelers who share the same objective - safe, economical travel.

Unlike Uber and Airbnb, hotel room share services have not been very successful due to the fact that no one likes to share a hotel room with a stranger. Security issues, especially for female travelers, have been an issue when it comes to even considering it. Now there's a hotel room share service that takes security up a notch. 1room4two.com limits its service only to female travelers. They allow users to chat with potential roomies to get to know one another before they finalize arrangement details such as agreeing on hotels and dates.

On 1room4two.com travelers each pay 50% directly to the hotel booking site and then send each other the confirmation. For safety's sake again, they can call the hotel before arrival to verify each other's reservation. As every hotel registers their guests identity, 1room4two is actually one of the most secure methods one can have sharing a hotel room with a new like-minded friend.

For more information visit 1room4two.com.

About 1room4two.com
1room4two.com is a platform that allows single women, not traveling together, to share hotel room expenses.

Pieter Wilhelm
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