Newly-Launched Website "The Last Word Bish" Presents a Hilarious Way to Get the Final Say in Any Situation



Reseda, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/11/2017 --Everyone's been there - driving home from a particularly blood-boiling encounter with the crazy boss, nasty co-committee members, or ex-significant other. Unfortunately, punching the steering wheel and cursing at the indifferent windshield never seems to be as satisfying as hoped. After a few miles, you finally come up with that clever line that you could have ended the transaction with if you had just been quick-witted enough (or brave enough) at the time. You replay the scenario over and over again in your head, replacing the way it actually went down with how it could have went down "if only I'd just said…" Wait, stop the car. What if there was a way you could go back in time and say it?

Thanks to a devilishly creative company in San Fernando Valley, California, there's now a way to have the last word in any situation, with anyone around the world. Enter "The Last Word Bish," a tongue-in-cheek website completely dedicated to getting that satisfying final say in tough situations or getting a good laugh out of your friends.

The Last Word Bish offers hilarious, gasp-worthy goodies, perfect for putting a worst enemy in his or her place or making a best friend cry with laughter. Either way, these "gifts" make an extreme statement, and it's safe to say you've never seen anything like this before! Items include customizable wobble-heads being flushed down a mini toilet (insert a photo of your choice here), hand-gesture sculptures, wisecracking characters, and plenty of other scandalously humorous goods. Maybe you're in the market for a sculpture caught in the act of mooning, or a political figurine (you might think a certain orange-faced, blond-pompadoured replica is the last thing you want to look at, but when he's paired with just the right sarcastic phrase or accessories, he can be hilarious).

There's even a line of products for customers who are feeling less bish-y - a creative array of 3D greetings with sweet messages, cute animals, colorful flowers, and more. These products are perfect to send as birthday messages, get well wishes, or random acts of kindness. A definite step up from a traditional greeting card, these heartfelt items are sure to make someone smile.

Perhaps best of all, for the more unorthodox gifts, no extra bravery is required- The Last Word Bish offers anonymous sending services, complete with non-suspicious packaging. The receiver will never know the identity of the sender.

Of course, anyone who wants to take full credit for their surprise shipment is welcome to do so. The Last Word Bish offers personalized gift tags to make this even more fun. Inexpensive goodies such as candy, bubbles, party poppers, balloons, and confetti can also be added to the gift packages. The one-of-a-kind items make the perfect gag gift that no one could forget any time soon. If looking for a way to top your friends at the next holiday gag gift exchange, The Last Word Bish has just what you need for a daringly comic surprise.

The Last Word Bish operates under the company Three Fine Minds, a business owned and operated by a sole woman entrepreneur in San Fernando Valley. As she explains, "We all want the last word. Period. It comes under the category of being human. To me, there's a certain amount of power - and even closure - associated with having the last word." And so The Last Word Bish was created, to give people a way to get that last word simply by visiting the company's website and experiencing the joy of ordering the perfect product to make that final statement. The company's creator adds that she enjoys sending the products to her sister and friends just as much as she would enjoy sending them to someone who needs to hear that "last word." "That's one of the best things about The Last Word Bish. Your friends and family will laugh, but your enemies, not so much. A win-win!"

Chances are, you already have names popping into mind of people that you'd love to give that last word to, or people who would get a kick out of receiving one of these!