Newly Produced AngelHair Mask Nourishes Hair Follicles and Prevents Hair Loss


Santa Barbara, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/30/2019 --Specialists created AngelHair mask - 100% natural and free of silicone. The mask is already available in several Asian countries, including Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia, but soon it will be spread outside the borders of Asia, so clients from Africa and South America will have the chance to purchase it online.

AngelHair is clinically proven to decrease hair breakage and hair fall by 70% after several uses. Utilizing natural ingredients only, AngelHair mask optimizes microcirculation, while infusing moisture in the hair and scalp.

AngelHair regular use helps tackle hair loss and promotes hair thickening. Enriched with a blend of hair-revitalizing vitamins and enzymes, the formula of AngelHair aims to nourish the hair follicles and roots, thus making the hair soft and shiny.

Key ingredients
Sweet flag extract - renews the hair structure and prevents hair ends from splitting.
Argan Oil - hydrates and nourishes the hair roots and takes care of the skin on the head.
Coconut oil - increases microcirculation and improves hair elasticity.
Acorus extract - removes dandruff.
Cinnamon oil - speeds up hair growth.
Chamomile extract - has calming and anti-allergic effect.
Vitamins A and E.

AngelHair mask is available as of September 20, 2019, online at The first 100 products in each country will be sold at a discounted price.